How to Choose the Best Movers

With millions of moves happening across the US every year, it’s something of a miracle that most of them go smoothly. In 2012, the Better Business Bureau received almost 8,000 complaints about American moving companies, stemming from alleged lost or damaged property, charging for unworked hours, or not honoring moving estimates. Hiring a quality company to be responsible for all your possessions during a move is paramount, but shopping for one is a huge undertaking!

Looking for a moving company means having to sift through all the national long-distance movers and neighborhood guys with a rental truck until you can find someone you can trust. The selection process varies for each person but there are a few key factors that are consistent for anyone undertaking a move. So how do you find the right company amidst all the options? How do you know a moving company is right for you?

Our staff at Poseidon Moving and Storage has come up with these criteria to help you weed out the phonies. Moving day is stressful enough without having to deal with a moving company who can’t do their job, so follow these tips to make sure your move goes quickly and smoothly.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

When searching for a moving company, one of the first things to consider is how much experience they have. If the company you’re considering is in its first year of operation, they may not have the credentials necessary for your move. For less extensive local moves, this may not matter as much, but for difficult national or international moves, you want to look for a
company with at least a decade of experience and satisfied customers.

The best long-distance moving companies spend years training their staff, fine-tuning the process, and weeding out mistakes. Interstate moves involve additional licensing, paperwork, and equipment that a newer company may not have or even be aware of. To ensure your move goes off without a hitch, consider whether or not a moving company has sufficient experience to be able to meet all your moving needs.


While researching moving companies, you may find a discrepancy in the services offered by different companies. Large national franchises often have the resources to purchase and maintain a variety of specialized equipment, whereas independent owners may simply rent a truck for a single job without actually owning any of the necessary equipment.

When considering whether a moving company is right for you, be sure that they have access to the equipment necessary to transport your belongings. If you have specialty items that may need to be moved with the assistance of a crane or forklift, you will need to verify that the moving company you are considering can meet that need.

It is also encouraged to find a company that owns their equipment, as they can accommodate requests and changes more easily than those who are renting equipment. The moving company should be willing and prepared to meet any of your needs, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Red Flags

Moving is a naturally stressful process and the last thing you need is to be hoodwinked or scammed by a moving company during that process. There are a few glaring red flags you can look out for that will indicate whether the moving company is right for you.

First and foremost, most reputable moving companies do not require a cash deposit before you move, and if they do require a deposit, it shouldn’t be more than 20 percent of the estimated cost. Most moving companies do not require payment until your belongings have been delivered. If the company harasses you to pay a steep deposit or to pay the deposit only in
cash, it might be a sign that the business is not legitimate.

During the estimate, pay attention to how the movers behave and whether or not they seem professional: if they show up late or can’t answer any of your questions, you may need to look elsewhere. Avoid companies that have no accessible record of their business or who insist on doing everything over the phone. In order to protect yourself, you want to make sure that all communications and payments can be easily tracked. There are moving companies out there scamming vulnerable families, so look out for these red flags before signing anything!

Read the Reviews

Choosing a moving company provides a great opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes. We recommend starting with friends, family members, and coworkers to see if they worked with a moving company that they highly recommend. Reading reviews online from former customers can also be enlightening.

Moving companies spend a great deal of money on advertising, so it’s important to get reliable information from people who have actually experienced the company’s services. Google, Facebook, and Yelp are great places to find customer reviews; we suggest looking for companies that have 4-star reviews or above.

The American Moving and Storage Association website also provides lists of certified, reliable movers in your area, while the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers safety reviews of different moving companies. It is also wise to find out if the company has a report with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB assigns letter grades to over 20,0000 moving companies and checking those grades can help ensure you select the right mover for your family.

Poseidon Moving and Storage

Poseidon Moving and Storage is proud to have provided high quality, affordable local, interstate, and commercial moving services to families across the Boston area and beyond for two decades. We have a long history of helping people make their dreams of a fresh start come true. Our focus on quality service and customer satisfaction has helped us become a top-rated professional moving company.

Our staff goes through thorough training before they ever touch a box or piece of furniture, so you know you’re getting only the best when you hire Poseidon Moving and Storage. If you’re struggling to find a moving company that fits your needs, look no further! Visit our website today to receive a free quote and find out more about our services.

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8 Reasons to Move to Manhattan

If you are considering a move to Manhattan but are still unsure whether or not it’s the right place for you, Poseidon Moving and Storage would like to help. People from all over the world dream about what it would be like to call New York City home and Manhattan is one of the boroughs that usually tops the list in their minds.

As you will see from this article, there are many reasons to move to Manhattan. As a nationally acclaimed moving company, Poseidon Moving and Storage wants to be the first to welcome you to your new home in Manhattan. With that, let’s look at 8 reasons you should consider a move to Manhattan!


New York City is known for being a melting pot of various cultures but this is especially true in Manhattan. Not only is Manhattan a true cultural melting pot but it’s also a place where barriers break down fast due to everyone living in such close quarters.

People flock to Manhattan from all over the world and this makes life in Manhattan perfect for absorbing and appreciating diverse cultures. The chance of experiencing a new way of life, culture, or food is constant when you move to Manhattan and it’s one of the best reasons to call this place home.

There’s Always Something to Do

There’s a reason that New York City is commonly referred to as “The City That Never Sleeps” and this is something that carries over into life in Manhattan. No matter the time of day, day of the week, or month of the year, that is always something to do in Manhattan.

With endless amounts of activities at the disposal of a New Yorker, a way to spend the day or evening is always just a short train ride away. Those who want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life would do well to move to Manhattan.

The Food

There are a countless amount of world-known chefs that have made the decision to set up shop in Manhattan. Being on the cutting-edge of the food scene, Manhattan is a culinary lover’s dream. From the countless amounts of food trucks lining every corner to the famous NYC pizza that can be found here, there’s something for every foodie to enjoy.

With the diversity of Manhattan also comes the chance to experience culture in a way that is good for the belly any day of the week. All of the diverse cultures found in Manhattan make it a hub for tasting some of the best cuisines the world has to offer, all in your own backyard. If you are a food-lover, there are few better places to call home than Manhattan and that’s a fact!

Arts and Culture

Manhattan is home to an ample amount of museums and galleries such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art where those living in Manhattan can take in culture and the arts any day of the week. The fashion industry is also quite alive in Manhattan, with fashion designers from all over the world flocking to Manhattan to share their latest creations. In fact, Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue is a fashion capital of the world where any amateur fashion designer dreams of working one day. There is always a place where you can both appreciate the creativity of others and express your own creativity in Manhattan.

Public Transport

Life in Manhattan allows New Yorkers to live comfortably without a car and it’s all thanks to the quality of the public transport system. Getting anywhere within the city is only a train ride away and the public transport options available in Manhattan make getting from Point A to Point B easier than ever. It should be mentioned, however, that Manhattan’s subway is more than just a way to get from one point to the next.

There are people from various walks of life that come together on the daily trains and, because it can sometimes be crowded, barriers are broken down. You never know what kind of interesting people you may meet on public transport in Manhattan. Though rush hour can be a downer for many people, the chance to meet new friends and see some familiar faces makes the whole experience better!

Job Opportunities

New York City is a hub for business, technology, art, fashion, and entertainment. For this reason, there are various industries that call Manhattan home and this makes the job opportunities in Manhattan great. If you have career goals for any of the aforementioned industries, you can rest assured that you can find a steady, well-paying job in Manhattan. Just living in Manhattan increases your chances of success in any given career-path!

The Historical Landmarks

Manhattan is home to some of New York City’s most well-loved historical landmarks. If you are a history lover who enjoys the afternoon seeing the sights of the city, there are few better places to live in New York City than Manhattan. Not only is Manhattan home to the Empire State Building but it is also the place where you can tour the Chrysler Building, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, The World Trade Center, and much more! Each of these feats of engineering are in close proximity to each other meaning you could easily spend an afternoon seeing each magnificent landmark. There’s always a part of history to take in when you move to Manhattan!

The Social Activities

As the City That Never Sleeps, it isn’t hard to imagine that there is always something to do and see in Manhattan. While Manhattan is a great place for families, it’s always been considered a great place for singles as well! This is due to the fact that the borough hosts some of the best social activities you can find in the city.

It is far from a rare sight in Manhattan to see people eating alone, going for drinks by themselves, and adventuring on their own but this doesn’t mean that anyone in Manhattan finds themselves lonely. In fact, being surrounded by so many other people in Manhattan, there are various groups, meetups, and social activities surrounding almost any interest you can imagine. Get out there and make some new friends upon moving to Manhattan!

Poseidon Moving and Storage

If you have finally made the decision to move to Manhattan-based on all of the great reasons we have outlined here, you’ll need a moving company you can trust to get the job done. Poseidon Moving and Storage has years of experience helping people across the country make their dreams of moving to Manhattan a reality.

Contact us today to receive a free quote on what your move to Manhattan will cost. We’re willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see our affordable prices! We look forward to working with you.

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Five Reasons to Move to Washington, D.C

Moving to a new city can be a scary process, full of change and adjustment. However, if you’re considering a move to Washington, D.C., those changes promise to be exciting and full of wonder. Washington, D.C. has so much to offer: history, culture, diversity, and beauty. Whether you want to enjoy an afternoon at the park with your family or a night out with friends, tour an art museum or snap a photo with a national monument, the city offers something for everyone, blending a small-town feel and with a more cosmopolitan one.

Our nation’s capital is composed of distinct neighborhoods that feature diverse communities, international embassies, and some of the best weather in the country. If you’re on the fence about a move to Washington, D.C., Poseidon Moving and Storage has compiled this list to help convince you! Let’s get started.

Central Location

Perfectly perched on the East coast, Washington, D.C. offers residents the ability to take a quick weekend getaway to tons of amazing locations. From cabins and lakes to beaches and seagulls, the region offers a variety of getaways within only a few hours drive. To the west, you can find the Shenandoah Valley, a scenic mountain landscape featuring picture-perfect inns
along country roads.

If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York are all within driving distance! No matter what kind of getaway you want to take, living in Washington, D.C. means it’s all within reach.


Much of the United States experiences extreme weather: the bone-chilling winters of the north with mounds of snow and ice or the sweat-drenching, muggy heat of summers in the south with mosquitos galore. Washington, D.C. is nestled in the Mid-Atlantic region, meaning the weather tends to run a bit milder.

In fact, the metropolis is graced with a climate that offers the best of every season: the crisp breezes of spring, the balmy sunshine of summer, the dusky sunsets of fall, and an occasional winter snow shower. The milder climates mean the winters never get too cold and the summers aren’t quite so miserable. If your current home has you accustomed to more extreme seasons, you’ll love the temperate climate D.C. offers.

Getting Around

Many Washington, D.C. residents give up their cars upon moving to the nation’s capital. The buzzing metropolis offers many other ways to get around that makes owning a car unnecessary in many cases. Because of the history of the city’s development, which was established on a primarily straightforward street grid, a 2019 report found that the D.C. metro area was fourth in the country for “walkable urbanism.” This means that residents of the area can meet the majority of their needs within walking distance of where they live. This is probably why Wallethub’s annual Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America study found in 2020 that Washington, D.C. is the fifth healthiest place to live in the country!

If where you need to go is further than walking distance, the Metrorail can take you virtually anywhere. It runs from 5am to midnight during the week and 7am to 3am on weekends. Washington, D.C. is also a biker’s paradise, featuring over 60 miles of bicycle and pedestrian tracks. A move to D.C. means you won’t need a car to see all the beautiful sights the city has to offer.


No matter how you’re feeling or who you’re with, Washington, D.C. will have something to entertain you, whether it’s the history, food, culture, or art. There is something for everyone in the nation’s capital. No matter where you go, you will be surrounded by history. The National Mall features several world-famous monuments such as the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

For the creative or intellectual types, you can find theaters hosting live shows, street festivals, and famous museums such as the National Gallery of Art, the Air and Space Museum, or the National Museum of African American History. Outdoor spaces such as the Tidal Basin and the U.S. National Arboretum provide the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine, a perfect outing for families with little ones or pets. It’s impossible to be bored in D.C.!


A wide variety of people call Washington, D.C. home, fostering a diverse array of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and religions in the area. In fact, the metropolis is home to people of more than 170 different nationalities and ethnic groups, making it the sixth most diverse city in America. Because the area is such a large hub for government, politics, and other industries, new residents are drawn in from across the globe every day, leading to a wonderful blend of cultures.

D.C.’s diversity extends beyond just ethnicities, however—the nation’s capital features a population that is 10% LGBT, almost three times the national average. It also has the highest percent of same-sex couple households in America. This diversity attracts more and more minorities, contributing to the area’s unique culture and atmosphere. Moving to D.C. means giving yourself the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and experiencing the music, art, and food they have to share.

Poseidon Moving and Storage

Once you’ve made the decision to move to Washington, D.C., you’ll need a moving company you can trust to help you get there. Poseidon Moving and Storage is grateful to have provided quality to service to clients across the country for over 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we have successfully assisted over 65,000 families transition to new homes and begin new lives.

Our staff at Poseidon Moving undergoes thorough training with our management to ensure only the highest quality service for local, inter-state, and commercial moves. We even offer an easy to use GPS tracking software to help you manage your move, and we have agents available to our clients by email at any time. If you’re looking for a moving company that’s both experienced
and trustworthy, visit our website today.

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Five Reasons to Move to Brooklyn

New York City is made up of five boroughs or “districts,” including Brooklyn, its most populous borough. If it were a city, Brooklyn would be the fourth most populous in America with an estimated population of 2.6 million! Over the last few years, Brooklyn has blossomed into a trendy hub of industry and diversity, featuring world-class eateries, sprawling parks, and burgeoning communities full of life and culture. For most outsiders, considering a move to New York City involves the hustle and bustle of city life, but Brooklyn has so much more to offer. If you’re considering a move, Poseidon Moving and Storage has five reasons why you should consider making Brooklyn your next home!

Public Transit

The subway system is the lifeblood of New York City and this is just as true in Brooklyn. More than half of Brooklynites don’t own cars because they don’t need one! Anywhere you may need to go — a bodega or drug store, a friend’s apartment, work — is usually within walking distance, but when you need to travel further, Brooklyn offers plenty of other modes of transportation.

Most Brooklyn residents choose to travel the city by Metro, but you can also opt to make use of the borough’s bike-share program or iconic yellow taxis. Brooklyn is one of the most beautiful areas to travel through and walking through the city allows you to take in all the picturesque spots spread throughout the borough. And the best part is living in Brooklyn means never having to worry about gas prices!

Get Outdoors

New York City may be known as an urban concrete jungle, but there’s more to Brooklyn than meets the eye. Brooklyn is the closest borough to the Atlantic Ocean coastline, meaning many coastal communities have been incorporated into its sprawling urban atmosphere. Many New Yorkers choose to flee the city during the summer to the Hamptons or Fire Island, but why go all
that way when you can enjoy the beauty of nature from your own Brooklyn backyard?

Along with its proximity to beaches and the ocean, Brooklyn features beautiful parks such as Marine Park and Sunset Park, where people of all ages gather to soak up some sun. Residents can get outside and enjoy soccer fields, jogging trails, and gorgeous greenery without having to even drive anywhere. During the summer, parks offer live music and other events you can’t find anywhere else in the city. If you’re looking for a place to live that offers the feel of a big city without having to sacrifice outdoor space, Brooklyn is the place for you!

Not So Crowded

Those of us who have spent most of our lives living in American suburbia may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of living in such a densely populated area, full of bodies and energy and activity. The noise and fuss of crowds can be a scary possibility for those of us who haven’t experienced that mode of living before. If you’re enticed by city living but concerned about getting overwhelmed by the crowds and their associated noise, Brooklyn is the place for you.

Brooklynites enjoy significantly less hustle and bustle than their counterparts in Manhattan. Apartments in Brooklyn often feature shared outdoor space where you can get a breath of fresh air without getting knocked over by people hurrying to and from work. The open spaces and grassy parks of this borough are less crowded and more laid back, offering a suburban feel with all the amenities of a large city.

While the other four boroughs are emblematic of New York City’s concrete jungle reputation, pulsing with the lives of millions of people, life in Brooklyn offers city living without quite so much crowding.

Restaurants and Eateries

If anything about moving to Brooklyn is certain, it’s that you will never stay hungry! Brooklyn offers some of the most diverse cuisines in the country, with residents who have flocked to the borough from all corners of the world to introduce their food to the area. With the wide array of eateries the borough offers, there is something for everyone.

Whether it’s pizza from Di Fara or a pastrami sandwich from A Taste of Katz’s, you’ll never have to look too far for a delicious meal while living in Brooklyn. Many of the best restaurants are hidden gems, giving you an excuse to get to know your neighbors and their favorite spots. DeKalb Market Hall houses some of Brooklyn’s best delicacies in its 60,000 square-foot food hall, with more than 40 vendors including trendy spots such as Bushwick’s Bunker or the southern eatery Wilma Jean. Moving to Brooklyn means getting to sample meals from all over the world whenever you want!


Gentrification, the process of renovating an area so that it adheres to middle-class tastes and expectations, has become commonplace across New York City with the influx of affluence. This process often results in a white-washing erasure of local cultures and communities, dulling the vibrancy of the lives and customs in that area. Brooklyn has not been completely immune to this change but it has managed to resist some of these modifications, maintaining its diversity and personality.

Every neighborhood in Brooklyn has its own story, its own history, resulting in tight-knit communities that offer their own food, events, art, and culture to residents. These communities foster an atmosphere of connection and collaboration among Brooklynites, making the borough truly feel like home.

Poseidon Moving and Storage

While our staff at Poseidon Moving and Storage is thrilled to call Boston home, we know sometimes life calls for a change. Brooklyn has so much to offer to people who are looking to shake up the monotony of their lives and the habits they’ve settled into. As long-distance movers, our staff has two decades worth of experience helping clients manage transitions during a move. If you or someone you know is considering a move, visit our website today to find out how Poseidon Moving and Storage can help!

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