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10 reasons to move to Washington DC

Washington DC is a quiet city. In 2017, it only had around 500,000 inhabitants. Despite its exceptional historical, political, and economic importance, and the enormous opportunities it offers both academically and professionally, the capital of the United States is still a city unknown to many.

Today, we will share with you the 10 reasons for you to visit the capital city of United States.

1. Nationals Capital

Home of the united states congress, and the sets of legislative branch of the United States government.

2. Attend the some of the best Universities

Washington has some of the largest universities in the world. The George Washington University, the Catholic University of America or Howard University.

3. Visiting the White House

Anyone visiting DC can, and should visit the white house which is full of history. Make sure to reserve a tour and meet President of the United States.

4. Home of Sport

Whether you like to play or watch sports – Washington offers you a thousand different options. For the former generation, the American capital is an unbeatable place to play soccer, football, baseball. It is the country’s star sport.

With countless green areas, it is very common to find people running at any time of the day. For lovers of professional sports, the city has some of the most important teams in the country in all sports disciplines.

The Washington Redskins of American football or the NBA Wizards have a large mass of supporters.

5. Diverse Climate

Warm summers, rainy springs, cold winters, and beautiful autumns make up the Washington climate. The main characteristic of its climate is humidity, which can sometimes reach up to 100%. That increases the sensation of embarrassment in summer and of intense cold in winter.

6. Stunning Nature

Most of Washington is covered with lush vegetation. In the center, parks and gardens intermingle with the population and, on the outskirts, the forests cover most of the land.

The Potomac River, which crosses the city from West to East, offers its margins one of the most important natural areas of the country.

7. Food

Contrary to what one might think, Washington has one of the most attractive culinary offerings in the world. Restaurants of Chinese, Indians, Mexicans, Japanese, Arabs and more are available in the city.

For lovers of Spanish cuisine, the famous chef, José Andrés, is the owner of Jaleo restaurants, where you can taste from the best potato omelet to the tastiest Iberian ham. And, of course, there is no better place on earth to eat a hamburger or try authentic American BBQ ribs.

8. Culture, Theaters, cinemas, musicals and exhibitions

The culture is diverse so that you will meet almost any kind of person. As a personal recommendation, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit one of the many jazz clubs that are scattered throughout the city.

9. Colorful Nightlife

Despite its apparent calm, Washington has a large and extensive nightlife.

A crowd of discos, bars, and clubs are open until dawn. The happy hour usually takes place at 6 or 7 in the afternoon and the locals stop serving alcohol at around 2:30 or 3 in the morning.

As in many other cities in the United States, it is usual to end the party night in one of the friends’ houses.

10. Close to New York

Manhattan is about 350km from downtown Washington. The two cities connect in just two and a half hours by train or highway. The bus service is the most favorable way to transport

Frequently Asked Question About Living in NYC

Is it good to live in Washington DC?

Of course. While living in Washington, you can meet a large number of people coming from other parts of the world. The variety of jobs offered here is very wide, and the population of Washington is fortunate to have a minimum wage of $ 11 per hour worked.

What is the best university in Washington DC?

They are some universities we can find in the US capital. But, without a doubt, Georgetown University monopolizes most of the praise.

Founded in the late eighteenth century, the University is located in one of the most attractive neighborhoods of the city, and it bears the same name. University students, intellectuals and many young people gather around their beautiful University Campus. Bill Clinton, Durão Barroso or Prince Felipe, are some of the many personalities that have passed through it.

Is the bus tour the best in Washington DC?

Bus excursions are a great way to see most sites in the least amount of time. Although the sites in the National Mall are nearby, there is much more to see in the city than just those few monuments. Some sites, such as the Air Force Monument, are not accessible on foot!

How much do you need to live in DC?

You will need to have a livelihood of at least $ 1,800 per month to be able to lease on your own apartment that has a room. In the case that the apartment has three rooms, the minimum prices rise to $ 3,000 / month. Besides, it adds about $ 185 on floor expenses.

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