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Things You Should Know When it Comes to Moving Appliances

Moving appliances can be extremely hard work. If you are planning a move, taking your current appliances with you can be cost-effective and convenient. This is because you won’t have to waste money buying new appliances or waiting for the appliance company to deliver and install them.

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we know that in order to move appliances locally or long distance, great care has to be taken. If you’re choosing to move appliances from your current home, or office to your new location, there’s only one thing to do: call Poseidon Moving and Storage! We’re Boston’s best appliances movers!

Why Hire Poseidon Moving as Your Appliance Movers?

Our appliance movers are specially trained and equipped to handle appliances of any size. As Boston’s best professional movers, we go the extra mile to make moving your appliances easier than ever.

Professional appliance movers are experienced transporting dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, and drying machines. Not only are these appliances very heavy, but they also contain many moving parts and components that can be easily damaged. That’s why Poseidon Moving and Storage takes the process of moving your appliances seriously.

Moving long distance? You have even more of a reason to hire Poseidon Moving and Storage to move your appliances. Appliances are more likely to be damaged the longer that they’re in the truck and a cross-country move can be a recipe for disaster if not handled appropriately. Don’t risk your appliances being damaged beyond repair by hiring an inexperienced moving company! Book with Poseidon Moving and Storage.


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Appliance Delivery Service

So what is the process Poseidon Moving and Storage uses to move appliances properly and with the utmost care? How your appliances are packed, transported, and delivered depends largely upon the appliance type. While similar, all appliances have certain components that need to be protected during the moving process. Here is the breakdown of how Poseidon Moving and Storage handles your appliances based on type.


To prepare for your movers to transport your refrigerator, it is best to prepare by unplugging it 24 hours in advance of your move. This gives your fridge time to defrost and allows enough time for it to be dried. Drying the interior of your fridge by hand in preparation for Poseidon Moving and Storage prevents the growth of mold. The fridge should be fully emptied, including any drawers or shelves, as these may bump around during transport and damage them.

When it comes time for our appliance movers to pick up your refrigerator, the special tape will be used to secure the doors and any electrical cords to prevent damage. During the moving process, our movers will ensure that your fridge is kept upright at all times. This keeps compressor oil from leaking, which can cause permanent damage. The necessary equipment, such as dollies, will be used to handle your fridge as this prevents any accidental drops or scrapes.


In preparation for Poseidon Moving and Storage to move your dishwasher, please make sure that it is fully emptied. After all, would be terrible to miss a spare piece of dishwater only for it to be damaged during transport!

When the time comes for our movers to move your appliance, your dishwasher will be disconnected from the water supply and all hoses will be completely dried out. Any small parts will be put into bags and labeled to ensure easy reassembly upon delivery. Similarly to a fridge, dollies will be utilized to maintain proper handling of your dishwasher during transport.


In the case of a washer or a dryer, our appliance movers will make sure that your washer is completely disconnected from the water supply. Next, we’ll make sure that it is also unplugged. Our movers use blankets to protectively pad your washer or dryer for transport. These appliances contain fragile components that can be easily damaged so it is vital that the appropriate protective padding is used.

As always, your washer or dryer will be handled with care, utilizing equipment like dollies to keep proper weight distribution. Upon delivery of your appliance, our appliance movers will make sure that the item is in good working order so that it can be used on the very first day in your new home!

How much does it cost to move appliances?

Moving appliances is a lot of hard work but Poseidon Moving and Storage makes it easy! As Boston’s top-rated professional moving company, we have the experience and skill to get your largest appliances moved into your new home with ease. Give us a call today or request a quote online to get started!


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