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After Hours Movers Boston

Can't Move During the Day? No Problem!

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we understand that life is hectic and you can’t always find moving services that fit around your busy schedule. From work to the kid’s after school activities, it can sometimes be hard to find time to not only find a moving company but book them within your available time. Luckily for you, we are after-hours movers that work based on your schedule, not ours. Look no further than Poseidon Moving and Storage!

Last Minute Movers Boston

Whether you are planning a local move or a long-distance move, Poseidon Moving and Storage will be there to make sure you get settled. Our movers operate on your hours so regardless of if you need us day or night, our after-hours movers will be there to make sure the job is done right!

Poseidon Moving and Storage offers high quality moving services that are second to none as well as competitively priced. We believe that great after hours moving services shouldn’t be overpriced. Your positive customer feedback is the greatest reward for what we do each day. To see just how much you could save when working with our after hours movers, use our handy two-step quote calculator to request a quote online!

We offer after hours moving services because we respect your schedule and understand that finding reliable movers that operate on evening hours can be frustrating. Want to know more about the after hours moving services that we offer? Here’s the rundown!

Same Day Movers Boston

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we believe that there’s no reason that local moving services shouldn’t be offered after hours. You have a busy life. Whether you are unable to get time off of work for your move or have other responsibilities dictating the use of your time, we offer local moving services that can help you out in a pinch. Here’s just a few of the many reasons to choose Poseidon Moving and Storage for your after-hours local move:

Last Minute Long Distance Movers

A long distance move, especially cross-country, is bound to require after hours moving services. At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we offer long distance moving services from Boston to as near as Washington D.C. or as far as Florida. Our after hours movers are happy to drive into the night to get you and your belongings to your new home quickly and efficiently. Here are the after hours long distance moving services provided by Poseidon Moving and Storage:

Why are we the best long distance movers?

What’s included?

  • Loading & unloading
  • Transportation
  • Fuel, mileage, and tolls
  • Furniture protection
  • Moving insurance
  • Friendly service
  • GPS tracking system

Why choose us?

  • Advanced technology
  • Professional staff
  • Free estimates
  • Competitive moving rates
  • You deal with us no middle man involved
  • Licensed Insured

The Benefits of Hiring Last Minute Movers

Aside from being able to accommodate your busy schedule, there are a number of other reasons that hiring after hours movers is convenient. For one, hiring after hours movers means that last minute moves aren’t out of the realm of possibility. At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we have received numerous calls from customers desperate to find a last minute moving company due to another moving company being overbooked and never showing up.

Hiring after hours movers is also helpful because late night moves tend to go much more quickly. This is because there is far less traffic on the roads, making the drive from your current home to your new one much less congested and easier to navigate. This can turn out to be very cost-effective for you as we base our prices on flat hourly rates.

Sometimes the need to hire after hours movers is completely out of your control. Things fall through, companies leave you hung out to dry, and unforeseen circumstances can cause inconvenient complications. That’s why, at Poseidon Moving and Storage, we make it one of our biggest concerns to accommodate any request for our moving services, even if it’s last minute.

Earning your positive feedback is our primary goal and we know that going out of our way to accommodate your last minute moving request is one of the best ways to do so! Just ask some of our previous customers who have left us positive reviews!

Have you found yourself in need for an after hours professional moving company? No problem! Give Poseidon Moving and Storage a call today or request a quote online with our easy to use two-step quote calculator! Poseidon Moving and Storage will be there for you.


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