8 Reasons to Move to Manhattan

If you are considering a move to Manhattan but are still unsure whether or not it’s the right place for you, Poseidon Moving and Storage would like to help. People from all over the world dream about what it would be like to call New York City home and Manhattan is one of the boroughs that usually tops the list in their minds.

As you will see from this article, there are many reasons to move to Manhattan. As a nationally acclaimed moving company, Poseidon Moving and Storage wants to be the first to welcome you to your new home in Manhattan. With that, let’s look at 8 reasons you should consider a move to Manhattan!


New York City is known for being a melting pot of various cultures but this is especially true in Manhattan. Not only is Manhattan a true cultural melting pot but it’s also a place where barriers break down fast due to everyone living in such close quarters.

People flock to Manhattan from all over the world and this makes life in Manhattan perfect for absorbing and appreciating diverse cultures. The chance of experiencing a new way of life, culture, or food is constant when you move to Manhattan and it’s one of the best reasons to call this place home.

There’s Always Something to Do

There’s a reason that New York City is commonly referred to as “The City That Never Sleeps” and this is something that carries over into life in Manhattan. No matter the time of day, day of the week, or month of the year, that is always something to do in Manhattan.

With endless amounts of activities at the disposal of a New Yorker, a way to spend the day or evening is always just a short train ride away. Those who want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life would do well to move to Manhattan.

The Food

There are a countless amount of world-known chefs that have made the decision to set up shop in Manhattan. Being on the cutting-edge of the food scene, Manhattan is a culinary lover’s dream. From the countless amounts of food trucks lining every corner to the famous NYC pizza that can be found here, there’s something for every foodie to enjoy.

With the diversity of Manhattan also comes the chance to experience culture in a way that is good for the belly any day of the week. All of the diverse cultures found in Manhattan make it a hub for tasting some of the best cuisines the world has to offer, all in your own backyard. If you are a food-lover, there are few better places to call home than Manhattan and that’s a fact!

Arts and Culture

Manhattan is home to an ample amount of museums and galleries such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art where those living in Manhattan can take in culture and the arts any day of the week. The fashion industry is also quite alive in Manhattan, with fashion designers from all over the world flocking to Manhattan to share their latest creations. In fact, Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue is a fashion capital of the world where any amateur fashion designer dreams of working one day. There is always a place where you can both appreciate the creativity of others and express your own creativity in Manhattan.

Public Transport

Life in Manhattan allows New Yorkers to live comfortably without a car and it’s all thanks to the quality of the public transport system. Getting anywhere within the city is only a train ride away and the public transport options available in Manhattan make getting from Point A to Point B easier than ever. It should be mentioned, however, that Manhattan’s subway is more than just a way to get from one point to the next.

There are people from various walks of life that come together on the daily trains and, because it can sometimes be crowded, barriers are broken down. You never know what kind of interesting people you may meet on public transport in Manhattan. Though rush hour can be a downer for many people, the chance to meet new friends and see some familiar faces makes the whole experience better!

Job Opportunities

New York City is a hub for business, technology, art, fashion, and entertainment. For this reason, there are various industries that call Manhattan home and this makes the job opportunities in Manhattan great. If you have career goals for any of the aforementioned industries, you can rest assured that you can find a steady, well-paying job in Manhattan. Just living in Manhattan increases your chances of success in any given career-path!

The Historical Landmarks

Manhattan is home to some of New York City’s most well-loved historical landmarks. If you are a history lover who enjoys the afternoon seeing the sights of the city, there are few better places to live in New York City than Manhattan. Not only is Manhattan home to the Empire State Building but it is also the place where you can tour the Chrysler Building, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, The World Trade Center, and much more! Each of these feats of engineering are in close proximity to each other meaning you could easily spend an afternoon seeing each magnificent landmark. There’s always a part of history to take in when you move to Manhattan!

The Social Activities

As the City That Never Sleeps, it isn’t hard to imagine that there is always something to do and see in Manhattan. While Manhattan is a great place for families, it’s always been considered a great place for singles as well! This is due to the fact that the borough hosts some of the best social activities you can find in the city.

It is far from a rare sight in Manhattan to see people eating alone, going for drinks by themselves, and adventuring on their own but this doesn’t mean that anyone in Manhattan finds themselves lonely. In fact, being surrounded by so many other people in Manhattan, there are various groups, meetups, and social activities surrounding almost any interest you can imagine. Get out there and make some new friends upon moving to Manhattan!

Poseidon Moving and Storage

If you have finally made the decision to move to Manhattan-based on all of the great reasons we have outlined here, you’ll need a moving company you can trust to get the job done. Poseidon Moving and Storage has years of experience helping people across the country make their dreams of moving to Manhattan a reality.

Contact us today to receive a free quote on what your move to Manhattan will cost. We’re willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see our affordable prices! We look forward to working with you.

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Five Reasons to Move to Washington, D.C

Moving to a new city can be a scary process, full of change and adjustment. However, if you’re considering a move to Washington, D.C., those changes promise to be exciting and full of wonder. Washington, D.C. has so much to offer: history, culture, diversity, and beauty. Whether you want to enjoy an afternoon at the park with your family or a night out with friends, tour an art museum or snap a photo with a national monument, the city offers something for everyone, blending a small-town feel and with a more cosmopolitan one.

Our nation’s capital is composed of distinct neighborhoods that feature diverse communities, international embassies, and some of the best weather in the country. If you’re on the fence about a move to Washington, D.C., Poseidon Moving and Storage has compiled this list to help convince you! Let’s get started.

Central Location

Perfectly perched on the East coast, Washington, D.C. offers residents the ability to take a quick weekend getaway to tons of amazing locations. From cabins and lakes to beaches and seagulls, the region offers a variety of getaways within only a few hours drive. To the west, you can find the Shenandoah Valley, a scenic mountain landscape featuring picture-perfect inns
along country roads.

If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York are all within driving distance! No matter what kind of getaway you want to take, living in Washington, D.C. means it’s all within reach.


Much of the United States experiences extreme weather: the bone-chilling winters of the north with mounds of snow and ice or the sweat-drenching, muggy heat of summers in the south with mosquitos galore. Washington, D.C. is nestled in the Mid-Atlantic region, meaning the weather tends to run a bit milder.

In fact, the metropolis is graced with a climate that offers the best of every season: the crisp breezes of spring, the balmy sunshine of summer, the dusky sunsets of fall, and an occasional winter snow shower. The milder climates mean the winters never get too cold and the summers aren’t quite so miserable. If your current home has you accustomed to more extreme seasons, you’ll love the temperate climate D.C. offers.

Getting Around

Many Washington, D.C. residents give up their cars upon moving to the nation’s capital. The buzzing metropolis offers many other ways to get around that makes owning a car unnecessary in many cases. Because of the history of the city’s development, which was established on a primarily straightforward street grid, a 2019 report found that the D.C. metro area was fourth in the country for “walkable urbanism.” This means that residents of the area can meet the majority of their needs within walking distance of where they live. This is probably why Wallethub’s annual Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America study found in 2020 that Washington, D.C. is the fifth healthiest place to live in the country!

If where you need to go is further than walking distance, the Metrorail can take you virtually anywhere. It runs from 5am to midnight during the week and 7am to 3am on weekends. Washington, D.C. is also a biker’s paradise, featuring over 60 miles of bicycle and pedestrian tracks. A move to D.C. means you won’t need a car to see all the beautiful sights the city has to offer.


No matter how you’re feeling or who you’re with, Washington, D.C. will have something to entertain you, whether it’s the history, food, culture, or art. There is something for everyone in the nation’s capital. No matter where you go, you will be surrounded by history. The National Mall features several world-famous monuments such as the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

For the creative or intellectual types, you can find theaters hosting live shows, street festivals, and famous museums such as the National Gallery of Art, the Air and Space Museum, or the National Museum of African American History. Outdoor spaces such as the Tidal Basin and the U.S. National Arboretum provide the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and sunshine, a perfect outing for families with little ones or pets. It’s impossible to be bored in D.C.!


A wide variety of people call Washington, D.C. home, fostering a diverse array of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and religions in the area. In fact, the metropolis is home to people of more than 170 different nationalities and ethnic groups, making it the sixth most diverse city in America. Because the area is such a large hub for government, politics, and other industries, new residents are drawn in from across the globe every day, leading to a wonderful blend of cultures.

D.C.’s diversity extends beyond just ethnicities, however—the nation’s capital features a population that is 10% LGBT, almost three times the national average. It also has the highest percent of same-sex couple households in America. This diversity attracts more and more minorities, contributing to the area’s unique culture and atmosphere. Moving to D.C. means giving yourself the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and experiencing the music, art, and food they have to share.

Poseidon Moving and Storage

Once you’ve made the decision to move to Washington, D.C., you’ll need a moving company you can trust to help you get there. Poseidon Moving and Storage is grateful to have provided quality to service to clients across the country for over 20 years. By focusing on customer satisfaction, we have successfully assisted over 65,000 families transition to new homes and begin new lives.

Our staff at Poseidon Moving undergoes thorough training with our management to ensure only the highest quality service for local, inter-state, and commercial moves. We even offer an easy to use GPS tracking software to help you manage your move, and we have agents available to our clients by email at any time. If you’re looking for a moving company that’s both experienced
and trustworthy, visit our website today.

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5 Reasons to move to New York City

We all know the romantic version of New York City that has graced tv screens during the likes of Friends and Sex and the City. Many of us have had dreams of moving to “the City That Never Sleeps,” full of wonder and possibility. And while the New York City of silver screens certainly has many perks, there are many amazing things about the city that often don’t make it onto TV.

The city has many well-kept secrets and quirks, and one of the great parts of living there is discovering those little jewels. For those of you who have been enticed by the allure of the Big Apple, our staff at Poseidon Moving and Storage has compiled a guide of the top five reasons to move to New York City. If you are considering a move to the “City That Never Sleeps”, contact
us for the best moving services around!

Walk Anywhere

Most people give up their cars upon making the move to New York City, trading spending time in traffic for walking the city block by block, possibly taking a ride on the subway. Because of the layout of the city, anything you could need is always just a few blocks from wherever you are, eliminating the need for driving. Even those who live most centrally walk on average twenty minutes to and from the subway station.

While you’ll need to invest in several pairs of supportive shoes, spending that much time has great benefits for your body and mind. Research has shown that your brain lights up after twenty minutes of walking, causing the neurotransmitters to fire more rapidly. This process results in a flood of positive emotions and creativity, not to mention the physical health benefits of regular exercise.

Walking the blocks of New York City is also a great way to meet new people, reaping great benefits for your social life, especially as a recent transplant who may not know many people yet. For New York City residents, walking a couple of miles a day is simply part of their daily routine, and they are happier and healthier for it!

NYC Public Transit

Like we said, most New York City dwellers don’t have cars. This may seem foreign to you if your current home is in a more suburban area, but trust us when we say you do not need a car to get around the Big Apple. After relocating to New York City, you won’t ever think about gas prices again! New York City throbs with the pulse of its subway system, a 24-hour a day operation that can shuttle you to virtually every corner of the city.

While the subway is revered for its convenience, it also allows recent transplants to venture out into unknown parts of the city and discover some of its hidden jewels. In addition to the subway, New York City features a bus network that transverses the 302 square miles of every single one of the five boroughs, a flourishing bike-share program with 250 miles of protected bike lanes, multiple ferry services, and the classic yellow taxis we all associate with the hustle and bustle of the city. New York City is the easiest place to get around in and you can do it all while reducing your carbon footprint!

Twenty Four Hour City

It’s not known as “The City That Never Sleeps” for nothing — New York City comes alive at night, functioning on its own unique internal clock that thrums with life at all hours of the night. There isn’t a single city that has adapted this same circadian rhythm; where else can you get manicures at midnight, or premium steak cuts before the sun even comes up?

By law, bars and clubs can open as early as 7 a.m. and are not required to close until 4 a.m. Even if you’re not interested in drinking and dancing, there are plenty of other benefits to the off-kilter biological clock of New York City: there are lots of nonessential services such as spas and gyms that are open around the clock.

With the centralized layout of the city, you’re never more than a few blocks from a bodega that’s open all hours of the day, just in case you need milk in the middle of the night. One of the many benefits of living in New York City is the ability to go anywhere or do anything at almost any hour — after all, the city never sleeps!


New York City itself contains the five boroughs, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. “The Charter for the Greater New York” defines a borough as “a municipal corporation that is created when a county is merged with populated areas within it,” though most New Yorkers think of them as neighborhoods or districts.

As America’s melting pot, there’s no area more diverse than the five boroughs: over 800 languages are spoken across the city while almost half of the population was born outside of the United States. This diversity and blending of cultures give birth to a variety of life you won’t find anywhere else. With the 2020 census reflecting a population of almost 8.4 million people, New York City has a population density of 27,711 people per square mile, the highest in the US by leaps and bounds. What this means is all these people with their cultures and customs and art and food are packed into this tiny city; these days, living in the city means you can travel without leaving home.

Manhattan restaurants feature cuisines from across the globe, resulting in round-the-world culinary journeys. The bus and subway systems can transport residents to corners of the city bursting with art and music. Once you get a taste of all the possibilities of the city, you won’t ever want to leave.

Getting Out and About

It’s difficult to be bored in a city so full of life and movement like New York City. As one of America’s cultural capitals, the options of things to go out and see or do are myriad and varied: the city features over 2,000 arts and cultural organizations and more than 500 art galleries, not to even mention the countless museums.

A wide range of historic landmarks serves to educate and inspire anyone who lays eyes on them. The sights, the sounds, the smells: the variety of experiences the Big Apple offers are unrivaled. New York City is the best place to be if you’re feeling curious and inspired if you’re hungry for new experiences.

Poseidon Moving and Storage For Your Move to New York

Now that you know five of the best reasons to move to New York, it’s time to start planning! One of the most important parts of the moving process involves hiring the right moving company for the job. As the best movers in NYC, Poseidon Moving and Storage offers local, long-distance, and commercial moving services that are sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to start planning for your move to New York!

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