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8 Items You Can’t Put in a Storage Unit

Avoid Storing These Items

If you find yourself in need of a place to store your belongings, then storage units can always be a great solution. With the use of storage units, you will be able to keep clutter out of your way without having to get rid of any of the stuff that is dear to you.

However, even though you can almost put anything you want in your storage unit, there are some items that storage unit owners will not allow you to put there. Here are those things.

1. Food or Perishable Goods

Anything edible is not allowed to be put in a storage unit. This is because rodents and insects have a great sense of smell and can use their teeth to go through their packaging.

These pests can smell out of the tiniest crumb then munch on them no matter how strong you think their packaging is. So, make sure not to put anything you can eat in your unit.

2. People and Animals

While this one is pretty obvious, it still deserves a spot on this list. First, you can’t live in a storage unit, secondly, you cannot let your pets live there.

Most storage units don’t have power for lights, heating, and air conditioning. On top of that, they don’t offer access to running water and a bathroom – because they’re not supposed to have them.

Storage units are basically metal boxes meant to hold your stuff for you. They’re not meant to support living creatures. But not only living creatures are not allowed – even the dead ones. You cannot keep ashes from the deceased on your storage unit.

3. Plants

Plants are also living creatures, and if you want to keep it that way, then don’t put them in your storage unit! Not only they are likely to die there due to poor lighting and temperature, but they can also produce mold and bad odor.

Aside from the bad odor, plants can also produce the smell and are a favorite nesting place for different pests.

4. Lethal Materials

For obvious reasons, keeping materials that can be deadly and put anyone’s health at risk is not allowed to be kept in a storage unit at any time. These materials include, but not limited to the following: explosives, corrosives, flammables gas, kerosene, paint, fertilizer, cleaning solvent, acids, grease, and the like.

You’re also not allowed to put any biological waste, asbestos, or any other substances that can be damaging and cause illnesses. For example, you can keep your gas grill in your storageunit, but you cannot place it together with a propane tank. It’s also okay to store brushes, rollers, and any painting accessories in the unit, but paint is not allowed.

5. Illegal Substances

Even if you are allowed by law to own and possess firearms, you’re still not allowed to store them in a storage unit. The best place to keep them is at home.

6. Firearms and Weapons

Even if you are allowed by law to own and possess firearms, you’re still not allowed to store them in a storage unit. The best place to keep them is at home.

7. Tires

This may sound surprising to you, but you cannot keep tires in a storage unit. This is because the cost to dispose of tires puts a strain on the owner’s facility, and the challenge in putting out a tire fire (in case they catch fire) can lead to a bigger problem.

8. Valuables Items

Items of value are not best kept in storage units. Money, jewelry, and other materials of high value are forbidden in storage units.

This is because no matter how safe they may look no storage units are safe enough not to lose them a hundred percent. The owner of the facility cannot be held accountable if you lose them.

Only Choose the Best Storage Facility!

Keep in mind that this list is only an overview of what you cannot put in a storage unit, for a comprehensive list of items you’re not allowed to store, contact us at Poseidon Moving & Storage. And while you’re at it, ask us for a FREE quote!

Not only we can provide you with thorough information about the proper use of a storage unit, but we can also provide you with the storage unit itself! Poseidon can provide you with all your moving and storage needs. With decades of experience and clientele from coast to coast, we are confident to offer you a top-notch service you’ll be happy with!

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