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9 Important Tips For Your Office Move

Office Relocation Checklist

Moving your office can be filled with uncertainty regarding how you should properly prepare yourself for the process. This is especially the case if it’s the first time you’re moving your office. In this article, we’re talking about the important keys you need to keep in mind when you’re planning for an office move. Here are 9 tips that can guide you to address to deliver practical office moving solutions.

1. Plan and prepare properly

Moving your office to another location is a huge project and requires proper planning. This means that there are many things to consider before, during, and after the process itself. The truth is, it can be pretty stressful. However, with proper planning, it will be easier.

Whether you’d rather use a spreadsheet or a simple checklist, make a rundown of the tasks that need to be done in planning the relocation. From informing your staff, about how you can continue the operation during the process, how the packing works, and finding the moving company to help you with the move. Keep in mind that planning and preparation is the key to a successful office move.

2. Hire an Experienced Moving Company

Another important key when moving your office is to hire a reliable moving company. As someone who owns a business, you probably don’t have the time to do the packing, loading, transporting, and unloading.

Poseidon Moving Company is your reliable partner for moving your office to your new location. With years of experience, a team of professionals, proper tools, and insurance coverage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re being assisted by a reliable company.

3. Plan a New layout

Before moving, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and have a clear idea of the layout of your new office. This way, you’ll know exactly which furniture pieces you need and where to place them. Don’t forget to measure your new office before trying to get all furniture in.

4. Prepare for Packing

When preparing for packing, it would be smart to separate stuff individually. Make sure to label everything to make it easier for you to identify everything when it’s time to unpack. Small items like books and folders should be placed in the same place so you can access them easier. On the other hand, bigger items like cabinets don’t need to be packed.

5. Find a Storage

When moving, it might take a while before you put things up in place. So, as you prepare your new location, you might need a storage space to put your stuff before you can set them up. That’s why having storage ready will be a smart idea. Poseidon Moving Company can help you with your storage needs.

6. Have Data Backup

Make sure that you have a backup for all your data and computers in order to prevent the loss of important business information. Even though the reliable moving company you are planning to hire will handle your stuff with the best care, such loss can take place.

7. Communicate With Everyone Openly

Communication is important. Plus, your staff will appreciate being updated early on how the moving goes. While moving to a new place is likely to be exciting for many, some might have concerns that need to be addressed. They might be worried about job security, parking, commute, or just the location itself. Be transparent.

8. Get your Staff Involved

Don’t just communicate – get them involved. Getting your staff involved in your move is important to make the relocation more successful. After all, as you move your office, they will have to move with you. Doing this will not only make them feel an important part of the company, but it can also make the process easier. You can get them involved with the planning and finding solutions to make each task get done right.

9. Have Professionals Help You Unpack

After settling into your new place, don’t forget to give the layout plan to each of the staff. It’s important that they familiarize themselves with where everything is located. They are a big part of the company, so keeping them updated with everything is vital.

Just like when moving to a new house, moving to a new office involves a lot of work. That’s why choosing the right moving company to help you with the process is extremely important. Poseidon Moving Company has decades of experience when it comes to moving residences and commercial facilities. Call us at 617-470- 9950 to get your free quote!

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