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Move Out Rental Checklist

Tenants Move Out Guide

Isn’t it nice to just move out of a rental property, drive to your new home, and call it a day? Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. (Adulthood, ugh!)

However, even though vacating a rental property is not the simplest thing to do, you can do something to make it less stressful. That is by being more organized by using a moving out checklist!

Your rental property probably becomes your home for many years, and moving out might require a lot of procedures. And in order to avoid overlooking essential processes to be done before you move out, here are things you need to add to your checklist!

✓ Check the Rental Agreement

Keep in mind that there are specific terms you have agreed on when you signed the lease on the property. Rental agencies might even have discrepancies in their terms and policies, you don’t forget to check this one out.

There might be some details you might have missed in regards to payment, which is very important. Being aware of those things will make you familiar with how you can end the

Make sure to list down all the essential details stated in the agreement. On the rental contract, you will see the responsibility you have to take before you leave the place.

✓ Notify Your Landlord About Your Move

The first person to know about you moving out is your landlord. Usually, you have to notify your landlord about your plan of moving a month before the day of leaving.

You might need to make a written notification stating information about the lease, move-out day, as well as a request for deposit return. You have to send it to the landlord at least 4 weeks ahead.

If you have to leave before the lease expires, it’s more important that you tell your landlord even earlier than 4 weeks. You might have to sublease or sublet. This will allow you to have someone to rent out the property in place of you.

✓ Settle the Unpaid Dues

Make sure to pay everything before you leave, which includes taxes, utility bills, service provides, and others. Fortunately, you can settle your bills online. So, you don’t have a reason not to do it. But make sure to put it in your checklist so you won’t forget.
Your landlord has a right to spend your deposit money on the unpaid charges. So, make sure to double-check all necessary charges if you still haven’t paid them.

✓ Check the Property for Damages

remember that most of the things in your rental property don’t belong to you. So, only take the things that actually yours and leave all the things in the apartment as it was when you first moved in.

Make sure to check for damages and fix if there are any. You are responsible for all expenses in fixing damaged materials that you caused. Here are the things you need to check for damages:

• Holes on the walls for hanging pictures

• Repainting the walls

• Condition of the lightbulbs

• Stains on the floor

• Electric and plumbing condition

Keep all the documented expenses and the receipt to have proof that you took care of them.

✓ Clean the Property

Before you move, you have to leave to property squeaky clean. Make are a separate checklist for you to clean your apartment. Here is a sample checklist you can follow.

• Clean off the furniture

• Dust off all the surfaces

• Empty the trash cans

• Scrub the bathroom

• Sweep and mop the floor

• Wash curtains and other upholsteries

Again, make sure to document your cleaning process that will show proof to the landlord in case you’ll have a problem with the security deposit. When all the procedure is done, you can then get your security deposit. If everything goes well, your landlord wouldn’t deduct anything.

Hire Professional Moving Company

Moving out of a rental property can be pretty stressful. But by doing all the necessary actions mentioned in this article, you’re likely to avoid any troubles.

And to make things even easier, hiring a moving company will be a good idea. Poseidon Moving & Storage can surely help you with all your moving needs – whether you’re moving from a home you owned or rented.

So, connect with us and learn more about how we can help you. We can also give you an affordable rate on the same day! So, what else are you waiting for? Call us today!

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