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How to Find Discount Moving Companies

Moving Services That Fit Your Budget

Moving home is normally a stressful endeavor. Mainly before there are a lot of things involved in the process. But to add to it, it can also be notoriously expensive.

There are a lot of things to pay in the process including the storage containers, packing supplies, and even the time you need to spend doing the whole thing can cost you days off of work. This is why as much as possible, hiring reliable movers is something you have to consider.

But because it costs money, it’s important to find affordable moving companies to help you with your move. And to do that, below are the tips that may help you:

Word of Mouth Movers

Asking around and making calls is a big part of finding a better deal when finding a moving company. So, if you know friends or relatives that have previously hired movers,

Of course, the internet is also a great source, do make sure to use the World Wide Web to your advantage. Start making calls and asking for quotes.

When inquiring, don’t forget to ask for your options and all the possible expenses. Of course, the prices will depend on the specific services you’re planning to get, so make sure to be realistic. If you want to stick to a specific budget, let the company know.

Moving Deals and Discounts

Aside from giving you an endless list of possible movers, the internet is also a great source of deals and discounts. Most companies have their own website, and some of them offer discounts strictly if you book them through the internet. Some of them also offer discounts during a specific time of the year.

If they don’t have anything mentioned on their website regarding discounts, don’t hesitate to ask them directly. You can call them or send them an email. They might be happy to offer you a discount to get you to do business with them

Moving Season

Believe it or not, there is a peak season for moving. The peak moving season normally starts in April and ends in September.

Averagely, over 40 million people in the United States move out annually. It’s estimated that 80% of those moves take place between April and September, this is known as peak season.

And because more people move during this season, moving company tend to charge more due to higher demands. On the contrary, they charge less or tend to offer a discount during the colder season when people avoid moving.

Take advantage of it by moving during the low season if you can. This will surely save you some money.

Don’t Compromise Quality for Discount!

Who doesn’t want to save money? For wise homeowners, saving money is a wonderful thing. So, if you have the chance to get discounts on your home expenses, make sure to take advantage of them! However, saving money is not worth it if you’re getting a terrible service in return! Make sure to follow these steps to make sure you’re getting a bang for your buck!

Ask for license: Make sure to ask under what license the company operates and confirm with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Not because they’re giving you a discount, they will not give you the same services they would for clients who are paying full price. Ask them what will happen if they accidentally damage or lose your items during the move. This way, you’ll know whether it’s worth it or not.

Check the Fine Prints: Make sure to read the contract carefully before signing anything. Make sure all the terms and conditions fit your needs and requirements. Of course, the fine prints are the most important, check for the things the company might have bit mentioned to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Check, Check, and Check Again: Make sure to check everything every step of the way. Make sure to check the house before start loading, count all the boxes, and everything else before moving out.

Only Trust the Best!

While there’s an endless list of moving companies to help you, it’s always smart to trust those who are experienced. Poseidon Moving & Storage is one of the best moving companies to help you move no matter where to and from in the country! So, call us to get your FREE QUOTE, commitment-free inquiry and quotation today!

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