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Essential Steps Before Moving Into Your New Home

Pre-Moving Checklist

So, you just bought a new home. You just settled the payments and finished the paperwork. You’re probably breathing deeply now that you’re done with the pain of searching for the ideal home for your needs. But wait, the journey hasn’t ended just yet…

Now that you’re officially a new homeowner, there are more tasks to deal with. As much as you want to, you can’t simply move into a new home and settle in right away. Below is the list of things to do before moving to your new home.

1. Change the Locks

The moment you finish the deal, the property becomes yours, so the first thing you need to do is to own access to it by changing all the locks. The reason for this is so obvious – it’s hard to know who else has a copy of the keys to the previous locks.

And because prevention is better than cure, it’s always smart to install new locks before settling into the new home.

2. Inspect Plumbing Leaks

Another important thing to do before moving into your new home is to check if there are any plumbing leaks. One of the most common complaints among home buyers after buying a new house is bad plumbing. So, you have to make sure that you won’t be one of them.See if there’s any seepage anywhere in the house. Don’t forget to check the washbasins,
faucets, toilets, and anything on the exterior of the house. Make sure to get it fixed immediately when you see one. Keep in mind that even though it might seem small, it can slowly eat up the entire house if you leave it like that.

3. Call Pest Control

You probably don’t find the need for it just yet, but again, prevention is better than cure! Some home sellers would make sure to deal with the call pest control before they sell the house, so make sure to ask them if they did upon buying the property.

If they didn’t, then call a pest control service right away. This is necessary for homes that were used by someone else or if it been abandoned for a long time. After all, who wants to live in a house which is a playground for different awful creeps and nocturnal pests.

4. Let People Know You Moved

But of course, not just any people – aside from letting your friends know about your new address, let your local post office and any other departments you get bills from.

This is very important for an obvious reason – you won’t get your bills unless you update your address with the new one. So, make sure to make calls to your service providers, which includes internet, mobile phone, insurance, and everything else.

5. Transfer utilities

As you update your address, you can start the process of transferring your utilities to your new home. Gas, water, and electricity to be specific.

Depending on your new location, you may or may not use the same company. If the previous company isn’t a good option for the new location, then find a new one. Even though physical utility companies are normally timely when it comes to activation, keep in mind that Before you can move into your new home and get comfortable, you need to set up your physical utilities: water, gas, and electricity. Depending on where your new home is located, you may or
may not have some say in which company you work with. Although physical utility companies are usually timely about activation, the sooner you tell them about your move, the better it is for you. This is especially true if they are in the middle of moving season when they are working with many accounts.

6. Get Familiar with Circuit Breaker Box and Main Water Valve

You must know how to turn off your main water valve in case of a plumbing emergency or just any sort of emergency. Simply search where the valve is – it could be inside or outside the house – and turn it on and off to test it.

This is something that is best done with a companion so one can turn the valve and someone can watch.

7. Test your smoke detectors

It’s cheap and easy to install a smoke detector, but it’s very crucial in protecting your home and your family from fire. The thing, however, is that it can fail, so it’s best to test it from time to time, particularly when you just moved into a house.

You can light a few matches or use a smoke test aerosol in front of the sensor to see if it’s working. It’s best to do this test once or every two months.

8. Make Moving Easier

Isn’t it great to just move into the house you bought and not worry about anything else? In a perfect world, that’s the case, but in the real world, there are many other tasks you need to do before you settle into your new home.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make things easier when moving. Aside from following the suggestions above, another way to make moving less stressful is to hire a trusted moving company to help you move. Poseidon Moving & Storage has decades of experience when it comes to all your moving needs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work we offer and confident that we can provide you with services you’ll be extremely happy with! So, call us to get your FREE quote today, no commitment!

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