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Moving to Los Angeles? 5 Reasons to Make It Your Home

Lets Discover LA Together!

Since its foundation in 1781, sojourners across the country have been relocating to the great West Coast city of Los Angeles. With a population of more than four million people, it is the second-most populous city in the US. These four million people herald from over 140 different countries, speaking over 220 different languages.

People from all over the world come to LA to achieve their goals and see their dreams come true; the “City of Angels” is known as a land of opportunity, creativity, and experience. And of course, it is also known as the home of the silver screen; no trip to LA is complete without a visit to Hollywood and its movie studios.

The sprawling city may feel overwhelming to those coming from more suburban areas, but the city pulses with life and culture in the most exciting way. If you’re looking for a place to call home that features both 10,000-foot mountains and 100-degree valley heat, that throbs with the culture and experience of all the lives being lived there, Los Angeles is the place for you! Today, Poseidon Moving and Storage will be giving you five reasons to move to Los Angeles to help you make the final decision! Let’s get started.

Family Life

A common misconception about Los Angeles is that it’s only a good place to live while you’re single. Many people will suggest that if you want or have a family, Los Angeles is not the right place for you. However, this is simply not true.

LA is home to some of America’s best beaches, parks, museums, and zoos, perfect places to spend time together as a family. Within a few hours’ drive, you can spend a Saturday skiing, sailing, hiking, or camping with your family. LA County offers some of the best schools in the country which feature many opportunities for parents to be involved in the community. While it may require a more urban way of life, Los Angeles is a great place for families of all types.

Job Opportunities

The “City of Angels” has long been a place young hopefuls flock to to see their dreams realized. We all know Los Angeles as a place of opportunity and possibility. There is a good reason for this! Los Angeles is flush with job opportunities, featuring an unemployment rate of only 3.9% prior to COVID-19.

In recent years, personal income in LA has flourished with the region’s GDP quickly eclipsing the rest of the country. Much of this is due to the fact that Downtown LA is the largest government hub outside of Washington, D.C., causing the city to become a leader in economic activity. The biggest industries in Los Angeles include tourism and hospitality, fashion, health services, and aerospace and technology. If you’re considering a move but are concerned about finding a job in your new home, Los Angeles offers plenty of opportunities for new careers!


It’s impossible to deny the gorgeous weather Los Angeles experiences year-round. The city’s location between the coast and mountains creates a balanced, balmy, Mediterranean climate perfect for those who don’t like extremes. With palm trees and solar-powered vitamin D galore, it’s no wonder that people flock to LA for its weather no matter the time of year. The City of Angels offers on average 329 days of sunshine and only 15 inches of rain per year, accompanied by an average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 years. If you need any more reason to move to LA, look no further than its beaches, deserts, and valleys, all offering the perfect, most temperate weather year-round.


One of the biggest allures of Los Angeles is the ability to find any kind of food you can imagine at any time of day: Cuban, Thai, vegan, Mexican, you name it, LA has it. In most urban centers, you have to go to high-end, expensive, crowded restaurants to experience the best cuisine the area has to offer, but in LA, thanks to its diversity, the best food may come from a taco truck or a mom-and-pop shop tucked into the corner of a mall.

There is a certain kind of magic in being able to find a hidden gem of a restaurant or vendor just by walking around your neighborhood. Hands down, Los Angeles features one of the most diverse and dynamic food cultures in the US and is the perfect place for foodies or those who just love to eat.


Los Angeles is highly representative of the idea of an “American melting pot”: the city features over 140 different nationalities that speak a combined 200 different languages. The city’s population is made up of residents from all socio-economic classes with a variety of different cultures, beliefs, religions, and traditions. Because of this, LA is one of only two cities in the US without a majority population.

The city is composed of many different neighborhoods that tend to be gathering places for people of different ethnicities and cultures. Walking just a few blocks through your neighborhood will often reveal several different communities; there really is a place for everyone. This is partially due to the city’s location, right on the Pacific Coast and only two hours from the Mexican border, resulting in heavy influence from Latino and Asian neighbors. This cross-culture influence resulted in a plethora of diversity in LA’s cuisine, aesthetics, and overall way of life.

Reliable Moving Company in Los Angeles

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