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Moving To Delaware

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Delaware

Have you had a move to Delaware on the brain lately? If so, Poseidon Moving and Storage wants to guide you along the process of making a long distance move to The Diamond State. As the nation’s most trusted long distance movers, Poseidon Moving and Storage has helped homeowners just like you make the move to Delaware. We have over 20 years of experience helping Americans settle down in Delaware and our long distance moving services are just what you need to have a successful moving experience. If you want to count yourself among the thousands that we have helped, read on!

Today, we will be highlighting just a few of the many reasons that Delaware makes such a wonderful place to call home. Along with teaching you more about the area in order to help you make your final decision, we will also be discussing our long distance moving services. One of the most valuable steps you can take to ensure a successful move to Delaware is hiring a reputable moving company. Rather than spending hours upon hours searching for a moving company online, book with Poseidon Moving and Storage! If our customer reviews are any indication of the quality we provide, you will be happy that you went with America’s best moving company for your move to Delaware. With that, let’s get started!

Long Distance Movers Delaware

A long distance move can be a stressful experience if you don’t have a team of reputable movers on your side. As the nation’s leading interstate movers, Poseidon Moving and Storage has the long distance moving services you need to ensure that your move is a true success. There is no reason that your move to Delaware should be a headache-inducing experience. With our team of movers, you will have nothing but smooth-sailing as you prepare for your move to Delaware. From packing your items to transporting them to your new home and Delaware and helping you get settled down, our movers will be there for your every step of the way.

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we don’t believe that premium moving services should come at a premium price point. That’s why we offer the most affordable long distance moving services in the country. Don’t believe us? Use our handy two-step quote calculator to receive a free quote today! We’re willing to bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how much you can save when booking with Poseidon Moving and Storage.

Want to learn more about the long distance moving services that we offer? Here’s the full breakdown of what you can expect when working with Poseidon Moving and Storage:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Protection
  • Disassembly/Assembly of Furniture
  • Packing Materials
  • Tracking of Your Shipment
  • Express Deliveries

Things You Should Know About Delaware

Now that you know more about what you can expect when working with Poseidon Moving and Storage for your move to Delaware, it’s time to actually learn more about your new home! As movers with over 20 years of experience helping Americans make the move to Delaware, we have come to know quite a bit about the area. Here are just a few of the many reasons that you should consider a move to Delaware!

With a population of nearly one million people, Delaware, also known as The Diamond State, is a land of scenic beauty, low taxes, and affordable housing. Increasing numbers of people, from young couples to new retirees are choosing to make Delaware home and for good reason.

For one, Delaware is a shopper’s paradise being one of only five states to impose zero sales tax! That’s right, you’ll never pay sales tax when shopping in the state of Delaware. Aside from the absence of sales tax, Delaware also has a number of other tax advantages including one of the country’s lowest real estate tax rates. In addition, families also enjoy relatively low income tax rates, Social Security benefits are tax-exempt, and people over the age of 60 can exempt up to $12,500 of their pension and retirement income from Delaware state taxes.

Another great reason to move to Delaware is found in the fact that it is home to award-winning beaches, plenty of beautiful community parks, walking and biking trails, and beautiful green spaces. Delaware is truly the place to be for any lover of the outdoors. Delaware is famed for its pristine, family-friendly beaches and this draws thousands of day-trippers each and every summer. When you move to Delaware, you’ll have all of these beautiful spaces right in your own backyard!

Finally, the last great reason Poseidon Moving and Storage can provide for moving to Delaware is the fact that it is a state with such a great central location. No matter where you live in Delaware, you’re never more than a short drive away from regional hubs throughout the northeast metro areas and most cities are even accessible via train. This makes your daily commute both easy and affordable and you can get nearly anywhere you need to go without a headache!

Popular Towns to Visit in Delaware

So what are some of the most popular towns to visit and live in Delaware? Today, we’ll be highlighting what is probably the most popular town in Delaware- Wilmington. Wilmington, Delaware is one of the best places to live in The Diamond State for a variety of reasons. For one, as the largest city in Delaware, Wilmington features a great economy that is anchored by a variety of industries such as finance, government, education, government, and healthcare. The city also features 50 distinct neighborhoods as well as nine historic districts. The most attractive neighborhood to live in Wilmington is, without a doubt, the Wilmington Riverfront. This is a renovated district that houses several college and university campuses, numerous museums, entertainment venues, and art galleries.

With a population of around 70,635 people, Wilmington, while being the most populous city in the state of Delaware, is actually the fifth least populous city in the United States. For this reason, it is a great place to live for those who are opposed to too much traffic and large crowds of people. That being said, Delaware still boasts a great sense of community and residents love the suburban feel of the city.

Those looking for something to do in the state of Delaware would do well to consider moving to Washington. This is because there is always something to see and do in the city. A few favorites of residents include the city’s various ethnic festivals, music festivals, and annual holiday events. It is at these get-togethers that the community comes out as a whole and celebrates. There’s always an occasion to celebrate when living in Washington, Delaware!

Long Distance Moving Tips

Now that you know more about what life is like in Delaware, it’s time for a long distance moving tip from our high-quality movers to help you start preparing. One of the best tips we can supply when it comes to a long distance move to Delaware is saving money by purging unnecessary items before your move. The more items you take with you across the country, the more it will cost you. That’s just a fact. In order to cut down on price, you should cut down on the number of items you will be transporting!

The three best ways to get rid of items are by donating, selling, and tossing. Certain items, such as media items like CDs, DVDs, video games, and books are easy enough to sell. Blankets and winter coats are also in high demand by charities in cities with especially cold winters. Cheap, bulky furniture items are often not worth the work that it takes to move them and these are items you should consider donating as well. Always downsize when considering a long distance move! You’ll be happy you did when you see just how much you can save!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers in Delaware cost?

Hiring movers in Delaware can cost on average $300-$700.

How much does packing in Delaware cost?

Hiring packing service in Delaware can cost on average $200-$500 plus packing materials cost.

What is the minimum charge for moving in Delaware?

Delaware movers have a minimum 2 – 3 hour charge.

How many movers do I need for my move in Delaware?

Delaware movers decide the number of movers your move will require by calculating the cubic feet of your move.

What size truck do I need for moving in Delaware?

On average most people in Delaware use 12’-16’ box trucks.

Can I get a virtual estimate for my move In Delaware?

Many Delaware movers offer virtual estimates through zoom or Google meet.

Can my estimate be guaranteed by Delaware movers?

Most Delaware movers give a rough estimate which is not guaranteed unless it’s a flat rate.

Is renting a truck cheaper than hiring Delaware movers?

Renting a truck in Delaware can be cheaper than hiring Delaware movers. If you have time, family/friends that are willing to help and experience.

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