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Professional Gym Equipment Movers

How to Move Gym Equipment?

Packing and moving large, heavy gym equipment in and out of a home and on and off a truck need a lot of strength and patience. And because these machines are oftentimes expensive and delicate, proper packing is an absolute must. If you have large equipment like row machines and spin bikes you may consider hiring professional gym equipment movers. Here is your quick guide to packing and moving them properly to ensure they arrive to your destination without damage.

How to Pack a Rowing Machine

The unique shape of a rowing machine can make packing and storing it challenging. This means that the easiest way to properly pack your machine is it is to take it apart.

• You can start by taking off the handle and the chain from the main body by unscrewing the bolts and nuts. Store the bolts and nuts in secure location after removing them to ensure they are not lost.

• Once you remove all the nuts, wrap the larger parts separately with thick blankets and secure them with packing tape.

Moving Your Peloton Bike?

Spin and exercise bikes can also be tricky to pack due to their unique shape. Below are some general instructions to follow when packing your spin bike:

• Remove the parts of the bike that stick out. You can use the manual to help you with this process.

• Remove the handlebars, pedals, control panels and every other detachable accessory. These must be individually wrapped and placed in plastic bags. To make it easier, you can separate them into categories, put them in small boxes, and then label all of the packaging supplies.

• Electronic parts are more likely to be damaged if not handled with special care. Ensure these parts are placed in durable shipping boxes.

• You can use a blanket or plastic shroud as a cover for the frame of the bike. This will ensure that the frame is less susceptible to damage.

Professional Gym Equipment Moving Services

It’s hard to deny the fact that packing and moving heavy workout equipment can be a real challenge for many. Thankfully, you can always hire the professional gym equipment movers from Poseidon Moving and to do the job for you! Call us and get a FREE quote today!

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