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Moving Your Gym Equipment: How to Pack and Move Your Rowing Machine and Spin Bikes

Packing and moving huge, heavy gym equipment in and out of a home and on and off a truck need a lot of strength and patience. And because they are expensive and can be delicate, being thorough is necessary. If you have big equipment like row machines and spin bikes, here is your quick guide to packing and moving them properly.

How to Pack Gym Equipment?

Packing a huge gym or exercise equipment isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. However, packing them properly gives you peace of mind as you packed them with care. Here are the steps to follow to do that:

Clean and Sanitize the Equipment

It’s important to make sure that you properly and thoroughly clean the equipment before packing them to prevent the accumulation of unwanted bacteria. You can use wet wipes or even homemade solutions to clean them right.

2. Features and Amenities

To make your stay stress-free while hunting or before moving to a new place, make sure that the rental place you’ll choose offers great amenities. Aside from the common ones like mini bar, hairdryer, flatscreen TV, and the like, other amenities like elevators and car rental can make a lot of difference.

An elevator is very convenient if you are about to move to a new place as you will probably lugging a lot of stuff with you. You don’t want to carry your stuff to your room through the stairs – unless you don’t care about a little exercise!

How to Pack a Rowing Machine

The unique shape of a row machine makes packing and storing it very challenging. This means that the easiest way to pack it is to take it apart.

• You can start by taking off the handle and the chain from the main body by unscrewing the bolts and nuts. Keep that the bolts and nuts are safe after removing them by keeping them in a Zip lock bag or a small jar.

• Once you remove all the nuts, wrap the bigger parts separately with thick blankets and secure them with packing tape.

How to Pack a Spin Bike

Spin Bikes are much trickier to pack! But because you want to keep physically active, you have to make sure that you relocate the equipment nicely and safely. Here are some general instructions to follow when packing your Spin Bike.

• Take out the parts of the bike that stick out. You can use the manual to help you with this process.

• Remove your handlebars, pedals, control panels, and every other detachable accessory must be individually wrapped and placed in plastic bags. To make it easier, you can separate them into categories, put them in small boxes, and then label all of the packaging supplies.

• Electronic parts are more likely to endure damage so they must be placed in durable shipping boxes and power cords secure be secured to the frame. You can shop the frame as is, including the legs.

• You can use a blanket or plastic shroud as a cover for the frame. This makes sure that it’s less susceptible to damage. It also protects it from all potential contaminants.

How to Move Gym Equipment?

Be as safe as possible when you’re moving anything heavy such as gym equipment. Here are some tips you can follow for your home or commercial equipment.

• Move Lighter Things First When packing all your gym equipment, including the small ones like gym towels, yoga mats, and blocks, you may want to pack them first. When moving them, pack them up in a box. You can load them onto the moving truck to carry them to your new home.

Moving Small, Heavier Stuff

If you don’t have boxes that can support dumbbells, hand weights, and barbells, there are plastic totes you can use to carry them. When loading them up to the truck, it’s best to place them on the floor of the truck to prevent them from shifting during the trip.

Moving a Rowing Machine
After disassembling your rowing machine, you must be able to carry the parts of it by yourself to the moving truck. Before you load the parts, see to it that they are wrapped correctly.

It’s also important that you put each of them in places where they won’t shift much during the transport. This will prevent them from getting damaged.

Moving a Spin Bike
Moving a spin bike can be a little bit trickier. Placing the pieces on a furniture dolly might be the easiest way to move them.

When you place the spin bike on the furniture dolly, two people might be required to move it. After that, the only thing you need to do is to load to the truck. Tie-down the dolly with straps to prevent them from moving.

Experts Know What to Do!

It’s hard to deny the fact that packing and moving heavy workout equipment can be a real challenge for many. Thankfully, you can always hire the professionals from Poseidon Moving and Storage to do the job for you! With our help, you can take away the stress and strain off of you! So, call us and get a FREE quote today!!


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