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Top 6 Reasons For Moving From NYC to Florida

Things to Consider Before Moving to Florida

Florida has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s not surprising that The Sunshine State ranks as one of the top inbound states for many Americans who choose to move. But the question is – is living in Florida better than New York?

This is a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Whether one is a good place to live than the other generally depends on your needs, wants, and preference.

Two states are completely different from each other that’s why comparing two is not fair. However, no one can deny that there are many benefits to moving from NY to Florida. Let’s talk about that. Here are 10 benefits of moving from NY to Florida.

1. Lower Cost of Living

One of the top reasons why moving to Florida from New York – especially if you are from New York City – is that Florida is dramatically more affordable. While the overall cost of living in Florida is slightly higher than the US average of 100 with a total of 102.8, the cost of living in New York is 120.5. And much more if you live in New York City where the average cost of living is 187.2.

2. Zero Income State Tax

Moving from New York to Florida means leaving your income state tax responsibilities behind. This is one of the top reasons why more and more people choose to move to the state. New York’s state income tax bracket starts from 4% to 10.9%, depending on your income.

3. Affordable Housing Market

Buying a home in Florida is less tricky than buying a home in New York (particularly in NYC). In New York State, the average home price is $371,880, while in NYC, it is $746,354. On the other hand, the typical price of a home in Florida is $356,349.

4. Warmer Climate All Year Around

Any list talking about living in Florida is not complete without talking about its weather. It’s called “The Sunshine State” for a reason – it enjoys warm and sunny days more of the year. While the extreme heat and humidity may bother you some days, you’d always choose this over the long, cold winter of New York.

5. Vacation Lifestyle

Where you choose to live inland, living in Florida means you’ll always live closer to beautiful beaches. As a resident of the Sunshine State, you’ll have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

6. Best Place to Retire

Moving from New York to Florida means you might be moving to your forever home. With its perfect weather, incredible healthcare, and many financial benefits, it might be hard for you to find a better place after moving here.

Popular Destinations for Moving from NYC to Florida

Jacksonville – The River City:

  • Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida by land area, is known for its picturesque waterfronts and a thriving arts and culture scene. With a lower cost of living compared to NYC, it’s an attractive option for families and professionals.
  • The city offers a blend of Southern charm and modern amenities, making it a welcoming place for newcomers. Jacksonville’s beautiful beaches, historic neighborhoods, and vibrant economy make it a top choice for relocation.

Miami – The Magic City:

  • Miami, with its vibrant culture and international flair, has long been a popular destination for New Yorkers seeking a change of scenery. The city’s dynamic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and diverse culinary scene are major draws.
  • Miami’s job market, particularly in fields like finance and healthcare, is strong. The city’s multicultural atmosphere and tropical climate make it a unique and exciting place to call home.

Tampa – The Gulf Coast Gem:

  • Tampa, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, offers a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty. It’s known for its friendly communities and family-friendly environment.
  • The city boasts a strong job market, especially in healthcare, finance, and technology sectors. With its pleasant climate and proximity to stunning beaches, Tampa provides an ideal balance between work and leisure.

Orlando – The Theme Park Capital:

  • Orlando, famous for its world-renowned theme parks, is a magnet for families. Beyond the attractions, the city offers a growing job market and a thriving arts and culture scene.
  • Its affordable housing market and family-friendly neighborhoods make it a preferred destination for those looking to escape the high costs of NYC while enjoying a high quality of life.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Move:

    1. Plan Ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to ensure a seamless transition.
    1. Choose the Right Neighborhood: Research neighborhoods in your chosen Florida city to find the best fit for your lifestyle.
    1. Budget Wisely: Consider the cost of living differences and adjust your budget accordingly.
    1. Weather Preparation: Get ready for Florida’s climate, including hot summers and the occasional hurricane season.
    1. Hire Professional Movers: Trust Poseidon Moving Company for a reliable and stress-free relocation experience.

Florida offers a variety of destinations for those leaving the Big Apple for the Sunshine State. Whether you’re drawn to Jacksonville’s riverside charm, Miami’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, Tampa’s coastal beauty, or Orlando’s family-friendly atmosphere, Florida welcomes you with open arms.

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