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Moving To Maine

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Maine

Have you been thinking about moving to Maine lately? If so, there’s a lot to consider when preparing for your move. At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we know that offering you the best long distance moving services while educating you about what life is like in Maine can make the entire moving experience much easier. Rather than being overwhelmed by the stress of a long distance move, we believe that you should prepare for your move to Maine by hiring the best moving company and learning as much as you can about Maine before making your final decision.

Today, Poseidon Moving and Storage will be proving to you why we’re the best interstate movers in the country as well as telling you a few of the many reasons that moving to Maine is such a good decision. With all of this information, preparing for your move to the Pine Tree State will be easier than you could have ever possibly imagined. That’s our goal here at Poseidon Moving and Storage!

Long Distance Movers Maine

So what sets Poseidon Moving and Storage apart as the best long distance movers for Maine? Firstly, our long distance movers are highly trained and have years of experience helping homeowners just like you realize their dreams of moving to Maine. We also offer comprehensive moving services that make all of the difference when it comes to a successful, easy move cross country. Our long distance moving services are curated to provide everything you need from the start of the moving process to final delivery of your items in your new home.

While it may seem easy enough to hire just any moving company for your move to the state of Maine, this would be a huge mistake. It’s important that you do your diligent research when selecting a moving company in order to ensure that they will provide the quality services you deserve rather than adding to your headache. At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we have a trusted reputation of providing high-quality moving services at the most affordable moving rates in the country. Our customer reviews are proof of our superior quality and this is what makes us the most trusted name in cross country moving in the nation.

Interested in learning more about the long distance moving services that we offer here at Poseidon Moving and Storage? Here’s what you can expect when booking with us for your move to Maine:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Protection
  • Disassembly/Assembly of Furniture
  • Packing Materials
  • Tracking of Your Shipment
  • Express Deliveries

Things You Should Know About Maine

Now that you know what sets Poseidon Moving and Storage apart from the competition in terms of quality moving services and affordable rates, it’s time to learn more about what life is like in the state of Maine. Known as the Pine Tree State, there are many reasons that people decide to move to Maine and our movers have compiled a list of a few of these reasons to help you make your final decision.

With an estimated population of 1.344 million people as of 2019, Maine is a state of a high quality of life and draws many newcomers to the area each year. For one, Maine is a location filled with natural beauty and splendor. Thousands of visitors make their way to Maine from neighboring New England states and across the country each year to take in some of the most jaw-dropping fall foliage, for example. Thanks to the abundance of oak and maple trees, residents of Maine will never have to travel far to enjoy some of the most stunning natural beauty that can be found in the country.

Another reason that moving to Maine is such a great decision is found in the fact that many of Maine’s beautiful towns are reported to have a high quality of life. From the easy accessibility of Maine’s small cities, abundance of nature, and budding food scene, there is much to contribute to the overall happiness factor in Maine.

While Maine is known for its rural areas mostly, the cities are something special too. While Portland is known for its art scene and Bar Harbor is known for its fine dining, summer festivals, and marinas, there’s something unique to enjoy about each of Maine’s cities. Best of all, getting to each of Maine’s cities is as easy as can be with each city being a simple hop, skip, or short boat ride away.

Popular Towns to Visit in Maine

So, we’ve talked about some of the best reasons to live in Maine overall but what are some of the most popular towns to visit and live in the state of Maine? Today, we’ll be talking specifically about two of the most popular destinations in the state- Portland and Lewiston. Let’s start by talking about what Portland has to offer residents and visitors alike.

Portland has a population of 66,417 people as of 2018 estimates, and many people choosing to move to smaller cities in the United States have seen Portland as a gem of a place to live in recent years. The benefits of living in a low populated city such as Portland are numerous. Whether it be low pollution rates or uncrowded schools, there is a lot to love about a small city environment. Portland also often makes national lists for its big-time culture and at the center of this phenomenon is the city’s ability to foster rich community-oriented growth and not simply population.

Another great reason to consider a move to Portland, Maine is found in the fact that the cost of living is so affordable. As is often the case in a small city, Portland’s affordable cost of living is an essential aspect of its dynamic and accessible way of life. Rated as the Most Livable City by Forbes Magazine in 2009, Portland is famed for its financial accessibility.

Outdoor lovers will also find good reason to move to Portland in its close proximity to the Adirondack Mountain Range, some of the oldest mountains on the planet. This mountain range provides convenient, close-by opportunities to hike and ski and just all around enjoy the natural beauty of the state of Maine. Some of the best neighborhoods in Portland include Downtown Portland, Pearl District, Southeast Portland, and Northwest Portland.

Next, let’s talk a bit about what life is like in Lewiston, Maine. As another popular town in Maine, Lewiston has an estimated population of around 37,156 making it a much smaller town than Portland but with its own unique charms and reasons for living there. One particular reason that life in Lewiston is so great can be found in the fact that the cost of living is relatively low compared to the national average. The median home price in Lewiston is around $144,057 with the median income in the area being $38,929. In fact, Lewiston is considered one of the 5 most affordable places to live in Maine by Livability.com!

Lewiston is also home to Bates College, a highly ranked liberal arts college, and residents take pride in their long history of promoting education. Additionally, higher educational opportunities can also be found in Kaplan University, the University of Maine’s Lewiston/Auburn College and Maine College of Health Professionals. As the state’s second-largest city, Lewiston is also home to great fishing, dining and art, and plenty of beach areas and shopping.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods to live in Lewiston include South Lewiston, East Poland, Lisbon Falls, North Turner, and North Windham.

Long Distance Moving Tips

Now that you know a bit more about what life is like in the most popular towns in Maine, it’s time for a few long distance moving tips from our movers here at Poseidon Moving and Storage. Firstly, we highly recommend creating an inventory list for all of your household items. This makes it much easier for your selected moving company to provide a reputable quote on your move to Maine. It also ensures that you are able to keep track of all of your items during the process of moving cross country to Maine.

Secondly, we also highly recommend ensuring that all of your items are packed securely. When it comes to preparing for your move to Maine, packing is no place to cut corners. How well your items are packed can make all the difference in keeping them secure and undamaged upon delivery to your new home in Maine. Fortunately, when working with Poseidon Moving and Storage, you will be offered the best packing services around. Let our movers take care of it! Book with Poseidon Moving and Storage today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers in Maine cost?

Hiring movers in Maine can cost on average $300-$700.

How much does packing in Maine cost?

Hiring packing service in Maine can cost on average $200-$500 plus packing materials cost.

What is the minimum charge for moving in Maine?

Maine movers have a minimum 2 – 3 hour charge.

How many movers do I need for my move in Maine?

Maine movers decide the number of movers your move will require by calculating the cubic feet of your move.

What size truck do I need for moving in Maine?

On average most people in Maine use 12’-16’ box trucks.

Can I get a virtual estimate for my move In Maine?

Many Maine movers offer virtual estimates through zoom or Google meet.

Can my estimate be guaranteed by Maine movers?

Most Maine movers give a rough estimate which is not guaranteed unless it’s a flat rate.

Is renting a truck cheaper than hiring Maine movers?

Renting a truck in Maine can be cheaper than hiring Maine movers. If you have time, family/friends that are willing to help and experience.

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