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Moving To North Dakota

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to North Dakota

Have you been thinking about moving to North Dakota lately? If so, there are various steps you’ll need to take in order to prepare for your move. The first step that you should be taking as you plan your move to North Dakota involves doing the necessary research to find a reputable team of interstate movers. Secondly, you should learn everything possible about what life is like in North Dakota to assist you in making your final decision. Luckily, Poseidon Moving and Storage is here to help you accomplish each of these tasks.

Today, we will be telling you all about what you should expect from an interstate moving company when moving to North Dakota. We’ll also be giving you all of the information you need to make your final decision about moving there. With this information, you will have a much easier time preparing for your move to North Dakota, eliminating the headache experienced during the process. Let’s get started!

Long Distance Movers North Dakota

The first step you should take when moving to North Dakota should always involve finding and hiring a qualified long distance moving company. Rather than simply hiring the first long distance moving company you come across online, take care to do your research. From reading customer reviews to comparing moving rates, there are various ways you can narrow down your choices.

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we have a reputation for being the best interstate movers in the nation. Our customer reviews are proof of that! We offer the comprehensive long distance moving services that you need when moving to North Dakota. From packing and transport to unloading and final delivery, we have your back. Our movers have over 20 years of experience facilitating long distance moves across the country and we will bring this experience and passion for customer satisfaction to your move to North Dakota.

Aside from being the best interstate movers in the country, Poseidon Moving and Storage is also proud to say that we are the most affordable. Our comprehensive long distance moving services are based on flat rates and you’d be surprised just how much you can save when working with us! Use our two-step quote calculator to receive a free quote on your move to North Dakota today.

If you want to learn more about our comprehensive long distance moving services, here’s a full list of everything you can expect when working with Poseidon Moving and Services:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Protection
  • Disassembly/Assembly of Furniture
  • Packing Materials
  • Tracking of Your Shipment
  • Express Deliveries

Things You Should Know About North Dakota

Now that you know what sets Poseidon Moving and Storage apart in terms of long distance moving services, it’s time to learn more about your new home in North Dakota. After all, learning as much as you can about what life is like there before making your final decision is the smart way to move!

North Dakota, also known as The Peace Garden State, has a population of 762,062 people as of 2019’s estimates. While North Dakota is one of the least-populated states in the country, that just means that you’ll get to keep all of the beauty to yourself upon moving there. Aside from its beauty, there are various reasons that you should move to North Dakota.

Among the first of our top reasons for moving to North Dakota is the fact that it is an incredibly tax-friendly state. In fact, North Dakota earned the 6th spot on Kiplinger.com’s annual list of the most tax-friendly states. When tax season comes around, you will find that you don’t have to dig too far into your pockets if you live in the Peace Garden State. With a local and sales tax average of 6.78 percent and income taxes dropping steadily year by year, you can definitely expect North Dakota to remain a tax-friendly place to live.

Another reason that you should consider moving to North Dakota involves the fact that it has a high quality of life. In fact, on a recent ranking from the U.S. News and World Report of the best states, North Dakota was ranked 15th. This makes perfect sense when you consider everything the state has to offer. From stunning national parks to a strong sense of community and particularly healthy environment, the quality of life is great in North Dakota. For families with young children that are looking to relocate, North Dakota should definitely be considered as its residents are among the friendliest in the nation.

Another reason to move to North Dakota can be found in the fact that the state’s job market is booming. With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, North Dakota ranked highly on yet another Best State list for economic growth. The state’s biggest industries include agriculture, oil, and natural gas with both the technology and manufacturing industries growing rapidly as well. North Dakota is a great place for job seekers who are looking for new employment opportunities.

Popular Towns to Visit in North Dakota

Now that you know more about North Dakota as a whole, it’s time to learn a bit more about one of the most popular towns to visit and live in the state. Today, we’ll be talking about what is the biggest town in North Dakota, Fargo.

Fargo has a population of 124,844 people as of 2018’s estimates and is easily one of the best places to live in the state of North Dakota. As the economic center of Southeast North Dakota, Fargo has much to offer residents from a strong economy and overall low cost of living to an abundance of cultural and outdoor activities to enjoy. It is also home to North Dakota State University and Sanford Health, which is located on the banks of the Red River, is considered a hub for education and healthcare.

One of the biggest reasons that Fargo is such a popular place to live in North Dakota is that the city ranked No. 1 on Forbes ranking of Small Places for Business and Careers back in 2014. Since that time, Fargo has seen a modest increase in job growth as well as a low unemployment rate. The city also ranks highly on both the housing and affordability scale and boasts a pretty strong median income of $46,617. Further, the city is known for having a fairly low median home price of $168,600.

Another great reason to consider moving to Fargo is the fact that the city is considered by many to be a hub of higher education. Fargo’s educated population is just one of the many reasons businesses choose to relocate to Fargo. More than half of Fargo’s population has completed at least some college, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There are a number of colleges and universities to choose from in Fargo including North Dakota State University and North Dakota State College of Science.

Finally, another reason that Fargo is such a popular place to live is that it is home to a top-notch healthcare system. Cass County ranks second in clinical care access and third in health behaviors data, with a relatively low level of both smoking and obesity. Additionally, Sanford Health, the largest, rural, not-for-profit health-care system in the United States, is Fargo’s largest employer.

Some of the most popular neighborhoods to live in Fargo include Downtown, Amber Valley, Willow Park, Southpointe, and Prairiewood.

Long Distance Moving Tips

Now that you know everything you need to know about life in North Dakota, it’s time for a long distance moving tip from our movers here at Poseidon Moving and Storage. One particular tip we have for you today involves preparing your children, if you have them, for your move to North Dakota.

Moving can be a fairly disruptive process for children, especially if it’s their first move ever. Take the time to explain this upcoming change to your kids and use a story or even playtime to paint a clear picture of what they can expect when moving to North Dakota. Also, try to maintain your normal routines as much as possible as you prepare for your move as this will make the entire transition easier for your kids. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do movers in North Dakota cost?

Hiring movers in North Dakota can cost on average $300-$700.

How much does packing in North Dakota cost?

Hiring packing service in North Dakota can cost on average $200-$500 plus packing materials cost.

What is the minimum charge for moving in North Dakota?

North Dakota movers have a minimum 2 – 3 hour charge.

How many movers do I need for my move in North Dakota?

North Dakota movers decide the number of movers your move will require by calculating the cubic feet of your move.

What size truck do I need for moving in North Dakota?

On average most people in North Dakota use 12’-16’ box trucks.

Can I get a virtual estimate for my move In North Dakota?

Many North Dakota movers offer virtual estimates through zoom or Google meet.

Can my estimate be guaranteed by North Dakota movers?

Most North Dakota movers give a rough estimate which is not guaranteed unless it’s a flat rate.

Is renting a truck cheaper than hiring North Dakota movers?

Renting a truck in North Dakota can be cheaper than hiring North Dakota movers. If you have time, family/friends that are willing to help and experience.


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