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NJ to Maryland Movers

Things to Know Before Moving from New Jersey to Maryland

Considering a move from New Jersey to Maryland? Whether it’s a new job opportunity, family matters, or the allure of crab cakes, preparing for this relocation is crucial. Familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons of moving from NJ to Maryland will make the transition smoother and help you adapt more easily. We would also like to emphasize the importance of researching and utilizing the services of a professional interstate moving company for your upcoming relocation.

New Jersey to Maryland Moving Services

While the idea of moving is truly exciting, the work that involves in it can be pretty intimidating. Fortunately, Poseidon Moving & Storage is here to help! As one of the best interstate movers in the country, we will provide you with high-quality moving solutions that will make your move just exciting and less disheartening. From packing and crating to transporting, storage, and unloading, you can rely on us every step of the way! With decades of experience, we have served hundreds of residential and commercial owners with all their relocation need – whether it’s local or cross-country move. Being one of the best cross-country movers, we pride ourselves on the high-quality service and efficiency provided by each of our highly-skilled staff members.

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  • Cross-Country/Long-Distance Coverage
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Pros of Moving from New Jersey to Maryland

✓ More Affordable

While the cost of living in Maryland is slightly higher than the national average, it’s still cheaper compared to New Jersey. In Maryland, the cost-of-living index is 113.0, while in Maryland, it is 120.4.

✓ Central Location

No matter where you live in Maryland, you’re not going to be too far from Baltimore. And when you’re in Baltimore, you’re not going to be too far from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and even New York City.

✓ Unique Culture

What makes Maryland a good place to live and raise a family is its cultural diversity. This diversity roots from the Mason-Dixon line, so you’ll be able to experience some elements of Southern hospitality, although locals will claim that they are Northerners.

✓ Job Opportunities

When moving from New Jersey to Maryland, you don’t have to worry too much about finding a job. While the unemployment rate in Maryland is a little higher than the national average, its proximity to Washington DC makes it so easy to land a job.

✓ Delectable Food

If you’re a foodie by heart, you’d love living in Maryland. Many places all over the state offer fresh seafood that is truly incredible. Whether you’re caving for lobster rolls or crab cakes, your palette will surely be satisfied.

✓ Pleasant Climate

While Maryland’s weather can be cold, particularly in the wintertime, its location is not too far from the south, so you can expect a pleasant, moderate temperature. The weather in Maryland is basically more bearable than it is in New Jersey.

Cons of Moving from New Jersey to Maryland

✗ Not for City Lovers

If you love living in the city, Baltimore is your only option. While the city offers a lot of opportunities, it’s still better to have other options within the state.

✗ The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

This might not be a con for some, but if you live in Maryland, you’ll find yourself having to cross the 4.3mile-long bridge from time to time. Yes, you’ll have a great view on your drive, but traffic can rather be heavy here.

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Skip the hassle of packing and driving a moving truck across states during your relocation with the expert assistance of Poseidon Moving and Storage! Reduce your stress by entrusting us with half the job. Explore our affordable flat rates and discover tailored services that match your needs. Utilize our user-friendly two-step quote calculator for instant rate comparison between locations. Prefer a personal touch? Contact our professional customer service team at (866)-565-1516 to secure the best deal on our premium services!


What is the cheapest way to move from New Jersey to Maryland?

The cheapest way to move from New Jersey to Maryland is to find a reputable company that has frequent trips between your origin and destination. If you don’t mind consolidating your move you may get a better deal.

How should I pack for a long-distance move?

Make sure to create your own inventory list and mark all of the boxes. Pack fragile items with extra padding such as paper or bubble. Prioritize the items that you may need to keep with you.

How much should my move from New Jersey to Maryland cost?

An average long-distance move can cost between $2,400-$5,000. Your cost will vary depending on the volume and the service you request for.

How long would it take for me New Jersey to Maryland movers to deliver my stuff?

Your delivery time window will be communicated to you by our account manager before your confirmation. Your cost can be lower if you have flexibility with your pick-up and delivery dates.

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