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If you’ve been thinking about moving to Seattle, Washington lately, there are a couple of things you should do to prepare. For one, you should learn as much about life in Seattle as possible. Look into some of the best reasons for moving there so that you can better decide whether or not it is the right place for you. Secondly, do thorough research into multiple moving companies. There are few things as frustrating as hiring a moving company only to be displeased with the quality of their services. With the proper amount of research, you can find the best moving company possible at the most reasonable rates.

Today, our interstate movers will be telling you everything you need to know about moving to Seattle, Washington. We’ll start by giving you some of the best reasons for moving to Seattle before discussing our local and long-distance moving services. With this information, we hope that you will feel better prepared for your move. Let’s get started!

Things You Should Know About Moving to Seattle, Washington

Seattle is consistently ranked among the top 10 places to live in the United States. There are many great reasons to consider moving to Seattle and, in this section, we’ll cover a few of those reasons. When moving to any new city, it’s critical that you do your research so that you can settle into life there more easily. Our knowledgeable movers have helped customers make the move to Seattle many times in the past, and feel that it is our responsibility to help you get better acquainted with life in Seattle through this information.

One of the best reasons to move to Seattle is the city’s stellar job market. Seattle residents enjoy above-average incomes. In fact, Seattle’s residents earn roughly 12 percent more than the average American. Furthermore, incomes for top-tier jobs have seen a significant increase in Seattle in recent years with higher demand for skilled professionals in Seattle’s tech industry. In regards to the tech industry (one of Seattle’s top fields) Forbes has ranked Seattle as the top city in America for tech jobs. Aside from Seattle’s robust tech industry, other industries that provide thousands of jobs in the city include the retail, food, and service industries. Finding a high-paying and rewarding career in Seattle is possible when moving there!

Another great reason to move to Seattle is found in the quality of the city’s schools and universities. Seattle holds the title of America’s most educated big city, according to the Seattle Times. The statistics outlined in this article state that four out of every five people that move to Seattle have a college degree. Further, three out of every five Seattle-educated students begin their college studies within a year of graduating high school. When it comes to furthering your education, there are plenty of options in Seattle. Seven universities and colleges sit within Seattle’s borders, with an additional 14 located within 40 miles of the city. A few colleges where you can pursue higher education include the University of Washington, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, and Seattle Central College.

You should also know that Seattle’s public transport system is among the best in the nation. In fact, in a study by WalletHub, Seattle’s public transport system was ranked number one in the country. While many of those with a commute in Seattle still rely on cars, the safety and efficiency of Seattle’s public transport system is unrivaled. A few of the options for public transport in Seattle include the light rail, streetcars, monorail, and bike-sharing. Getting from point A to point B with ease is possible when moving to Seattle!

Finally, it should be noted that there’s always something to do in the city of Seattle. Thanks to the diverse landscape and mix of people living there, you’ll find endless opportunities for fun when moving to Seattle. There are wide opportunities for learning in Seattle in the form of many major museums. Additionally, tourists and residents alike can enjoy plenty of sightseeing in the city. Notable locations to visit include the Seattle Space Needle, Seattle Great Wheel, and Washington State Ferries. In terms of dining, Seattle also has plenty to offer those who consider themselves foodies. Whether you’re looking for fine dining options or waterfront cuisine, Seattle has that to offer you and so much more! There’s only one downside to moving to Seattle- with so many activities to enjoy, you’ll have a hard time deciding how to spend your free time!

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle include West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Ravenna, Columbia City, Ballard, Interbay, South Park, and Central District. Each of these neighborhoods have something unique to offer residents. You’ll find the perfect neighborhood for you and your family in Seattle with a little research.

Long Distance Movers Seattle

Now that you know just a few of the best reasons for moving to Seattle, Washington, it’s time to start preparing for your move. The first step in preparing for a move is to find a reputable moving company to assist you. If you’re moving to Seattle from outside the state of Washington, you’ll find yourself in desperate need of a reliable team of long-distance movers. Luckily, Poseidon Moving and Storage offers everything you need at budget-friendly rates.

Our movers believe in offering exceptional service at a fraction of the cost. We are well-known for going above and beyond, delivering all of the long-distance moving services our customers need while making excellent customer service our mission. Our comprehensive long-distance moving services have been carefully curated to fit all of the individual needs of our customers. Every step of the way, our licensed team of long-distance movers will be there for you. From packing your items and loading them onto our truck to transporting them and delivering them safely in your home in Seattle, we will practice with the utmost care. Our movers believe that your complete satisfaction is the greatest reward.

Looking for even more of a reason to book with Poseidon Moving and Storage? While you may have already looked into other moving companies, you’ll be shocked how affordable our longdistance moving services are in comparison. We strive to deliver premium moving services without draining your bank account. We know that a long-distance move is an expensive ordeal and we don’t believe in adding to your stress. Feel free to compare our moving rates to our competitors- you won’t find a better deal elsewhere! Use our free quote calculator and receive a quote today with no obligation to book with us!

Interested in learning more about what you can expect when booking with Poseidon Moving and Storage? Here’s a full list of the services that we offer:

  • Packing/Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Protection
  • Disassembly/Assembly of Furniture
  • Packing Materials
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Express Deliveries

Local Movers Seattle

If you’re moving to Seattle from another town or city in Washington, you may be tempted to handle your move on your own. After all, when moving such a short distance, wouldn’t it be smarter to save money by taking on the move by yourself? While this may save you money, it will cost you in more ways than one. The best decision that you can make surrounding a local move is to hire a reputable and reasonably priced team of local movers. Poseidon Moving and Storage is that moving company!

When searching for the ideal local moving company, you should look for a few different things. For one, you should identify whether or not your chosen moving company is properly licensed and insured. Secondly, you should read customer reviews from previous customers to get an idea of the quality of service the local movers provide. Lastly, you should read about the moving services offered by the company in question, as well as receive a quote to determine how much they’ll expect you to pay for their local moving services. Following each of these steps, you can find a local moving company that is worthy of your business.

At Poseidon Moving and Storage, we are properly licensed and insured, have fantastic customer reviews as proof of our quality, and offer full local moving services at competitive prices. We encourage you to request a quote on our website to get a free quote on your move to Seattle. Then, compare our rates with other local movers. We guarantee that you’ll always receive the best price when booking with Poseidon Moving and Storage. There’s truly no better choice when moving to Seattle!

If you’re interested in learning more about what we offer in terms of local moving services, feel free to check out a list of our services below:

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Moving Tips

Now that you know everything you need to know about moving to Seattle, it’s time for a couple of valuable moving tips from our team. We always strive to help make the moving process as easy as possible for our customers. To help you prepare for your upcoming move, we’ve organized a couple of useful moving tips that will make the entire process even smoother. Here’s what you need to know!

Firstly, we recommend that you start packing as soon as possible when moving to Seattle. As soon as your moving date is confirmed, you should start packing everything possible. Ideally, you’ll know when you’re moving weeks and even months in advance. You can start by packing off-season items that won’t be needed between now and your move-in date. This way, when it’s finally time to move, many of your items will already be packed and ready to go. This is one of the best ways to make the packing process easier, saving you time and stress.

Secondly, we want to stress the importance of choosing the right size moving boxes when preparing for your move. When you pack books, for example, they should be packed in smaller boxes. The heavier the item, the more suited it is to be packed in a smaller box to make it easier to carry. Doing so also reduces the chances that things will be damaged during the moving process. Lighter items, such as linens and pillows, should be packed in larger boxes as more of these items can be fit inside a larger box without becoming too heavy to carry. Pack smart and make the moving process easier on yourself! Good luck!


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