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Tips for Moving Across Country With Pets

Prepare Your Pet for Moving

Relocating that involves any dependent like kids can surely be challenging. But have you imagined moving across country with animals whom you can’t quite verbally explain what’s going on?

Moving with pets surely requires extra work. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself for it. Not only it can be stressful for you, but the stress your pet feels throughout the moving process can significantly affect their physical health as well.

Just like humans, animals can become very attached to their homes and environments and any significant change can be too much for them. However, by knowing what to do, you can free your pets from stress. Here are some tips that can help you when moving to a new place with your cherished family members.

Moving with Dogs and Cats

• The first precaution that has to be taken is to ensure the safety of your beloved pets on the day of the move. With all the stress and confusion involved in your move, it’s so easy to lose track of your pet. To make sure that your pet will not able to escape while you’re busy packing and unboxing, keep them in a crate. If that’s not possible, make a sign on the door “Keep the door closed – pet inside”.

• If you’re considering using a crate to transport your pet and they are not used to being in it, it will be smart to introduce your pet to it slowly as early as possible. Let your pet play in the crate each day to make them feel comfortable. It’s not a good idea to force them without getting them familiar. This may trigger anxiety and confusion.

• On the day of the move, surround your pet with things that they are familiar with. This can be their favorite toys or blanket. Doing this will make them feel secure and less nervous.

• When you get to your new home, let your pet explore his new surroundings. As much as possible, you’d want to keep his routine as normal as it was at your previous place. Always have his food and water available for him. But don’t overfeed him at this point as he might still feel stressed or suffering from motion sickness.

• If you’re traveling by air, make sure to call the airlines as early as possible to be informed of everything you need to know regarding the flight. Keep in mind that flying your pet is not as simple as flying as a human passenger. It usually involves more paperwork and other requirements.

Moving with Smaller Pets

• Moving with smaller pets like rabbits, hamsters, and reptiles are usually easier as you can simply transport them in a clean cage inside your vehicle. You just have to make sure to keep the temperature comfortable for them to avoid overheating or making them feel too cold. It’s also best to cover the cage with a dark cloth to make them feel less stressed out.

• When moving with fish, you can simply transport them in their actual aquarium. If you can’t transport them in their aquarium, you can use a large bucket that will be comfortable enough for them. Once you get to your new home, make sure to slowly replace the current water in their tank with the water from the new place. This will help them adapt to the new water source.

• If the move involves long-distance travel, it’s a good idea to not feed your fish for a few days before the move. Doing this will cut down on the amount of waste your lovely fish will produce during the whole thing and keep the water clean for a longer period of time.

Make Things Less Stressful for You and Your Pet with the Help from the Experts

Relocating with pets can truly be an intimidating task. However, as beloved members of your family, it’s your job to make sure that they’ll do well during the whole process.

If you still feel daunted about moving your pets even after reading the tips above, you definitely must consider hiring experts from Poseidon Moving & Storage. With decades of experience and proven track records, hiring them will make relocating more fun than stressful.

So, call us now and get your FREE quote today!

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Expert Packing for College Tips

How to Pack for College Out of State

Going away to attend college is something any student is looking forward to. And while moving is surely fun and exciting, it’s also one of the most stressful events in life.

First, you have to figure out how to get there, then how you are going to set up the place once you got there. So, you try to figure out who will be able to help you.

Have you ever thought about how you are going to pack all the stuff you need to bring on your move? What boxes you’re going to use to wrap them? No, you can’t simply use trash bags and carry all your stuff!

If you want all your belongings to get to your new dorm in one piece, then you must plan your move very well. Take your time and figure out the best things you can do to make sure that you’ll have a less complicated move.

Getting ready for a move can be very stressful. In fact, the Employee Relations Council reportedly ranked moving as the third most stressful life event, following closely behind death and divorce. On the positive side, there are several moving tips you can take to make the event less upsetting for you and your loved ones.

Here are useful tips you can follow when before and during your moving process for college.

1. Start Early

Keep in mind that moving places are a very time-consuming process. This is mostly due to the time involved in packing, unpacking, and setting up the new space.

If it’s your first time to move, you might find it surprising how long it takes to get everything organized and ready to go. You may even end up running out of time and slamming together the latter part of your move. This may cause big problems throughout the process.

On average, movers take at least 4 weeks to get everything ready. This is because packing one room alone may take several hours.

For a college student, the average time to pack things you need for a dorm is 4-5 hours. On the other hand, the ideal time to start packing is at least 2 weeks before the move.

2. Create a Moving Checklist

The beautiful thing about moving is that you’re not the first person to do it. This means that it’s not hard to get tips and ideas on how to do it right.

You can ask people you know who already moved before for more tips to make their moving experience easier – specifically for those who already moved for college.

List down all that you’ve gathered and turn it ask your checklist. This checklist is just a predefined set of things you must do during the process.

Doing this will do a lot in helping keep you on track towards your move. Keep in mind that moving can truly be stressful and using a checklist can help you keep everything together.

3. Label All the Boxes

One of the most stressful parts of moving is trying to find the things you need to unpack first. But this is a quick remedy to that.

When using boxes where you cannot easily see what’s inside, make sure to label them according to their contents. This will make it easier for you to open the right things first when you start organizing.

4. Only Pack What You Need

Keep in mind that you are only moving to a dorm with limited space. You cannot bring everything you own if you own a lot! The rule of thumb is to not bring the items you haven’t used in over a year.

It’s always a good idea to only move with what you need to lighten the load and to make the process generally easier. In order to separate the things that you need from the ones you don’t, here is the process you can follow:

• Separate the items you can live without into boxes marked “moving sale” while packing.

• Get rid of the items that are already broken.
• Donate the clothes and toys you no longer wear.

5. Weigh the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

If you’re too busy or just can’t find anyone to help you move to another state, then it might be a good idea to hire a professional team of movers to help you. Remember that this is a time-consuming and stressful process and you might not be able to do it on your own.

Hiring the right people to help you will surely make the experience more pleasant and less stressful. And if you decide to just hire, don’t be afraid to ask questions before signing any contract.

If you’re looking for the best teams of professionals in the country to help you without breaking your bank, check out Poseidon Moving & Storage. With decades of experience, we are confident to provide you with services that will meet your expectations. So, call us today for FREE quotes!

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8 Items You Can’t Put in a Storage Unit

Avoid Storing These Items

If you find yourself in need of a place to store your belongings, then storage units can always be a great solution. With the use of storage units, you will be able to keep clutter out of your way without having to get rid of any of the stuff that is dear to you.

However, even though you can almost put anything you want in your storage unit, there are some items that storage unit owners will not allow you to put there. Here are those things.

1. Food or Perishable Goods

Anything edible is not allowed to be put in a storage unit. This is because rodents and insects have a great sense of smell and can use their teeth to go through their packaging.

These pests can smell out of the tiniest crumb then munch on them no matter how strong you think their packaging is. So, make sure not to put anything you can eat in your unit.

2. People and Animals

While this one is pretty obvious, it still deserves a spot on this list. First, you can’t live in a storage unit, secondly, you cannot let your pets live there.

Most storage units don’t have power for lights, heating, and air conditioning. On top of that, they don’t offer access to running water and a bathroom – because they’re not supposed to have them.

Storage units are basically metal boxes meant to hold your stuff for you. They’re not meant to support living creatures. But not only living creatures are not allowed – even the dead ones. You cannot keep ashes from the deceased on your storage unit.

3. Plants

Plants are also living creatures, and if you want to keep it that way, then don’t put them in your storage unit! Not only they are likely to die there due to poor lighting and temperature, but they can also produce mold and bad odor.

Aside from the bad odor, plants can also produce the smell and are a favorite nesting place for different pests.

4. Lethal Materials

For obvious reasons, keeping materials that can be deadly and put anyone’s health at risk is not allowed to be kept in a storage unit at any time. These materials include, but not limited to the following: explosives, corrosives, flammables gas, kerosene, paint, fertilizer, cleaning solvent, acids, grease, and the like.

You’re also not allowed to put any biological waste, asbestos, or any other substances that can be damaging and cause illnesses. For example, you can keep your gas grill in your storageunit, but you cannot place it together with a propane tank. It’s also okay to store brushes, rollers, and any painting accessories in the unit, but paint is not allowed.

5. Illegal Substances

Even if you are allowed by law to own and possess firearms, you’re still not allowed to store them in a storage unit. The best place to keep them is at home.

6. Firearms and Weapons

Even if you are allowed by law to own and possess firearms, you’re still not allowed to store them in a storage unit. The best place to keep them is at home.

7. Tires

This may sound surprising to you, but you cannot keep tires in a storage unit. This is because the cost to dispose of tires puts a strain on the owner’s facility, and the challenge in putting out a tire fire (in case they catch fire) can lead to a bigger problem.

8. Valuables Items

Items of value are not best kept in storage units. Money, jewelry, and other materials of high value are forbidden in storage units.

This is because no matter how safe they may look no storage units are safe enough not to lose them a hundred percent. The owner of the facility cannot be held accountable if you lose them.

Only Choose the Best Storage Facility!

Keep in mind that this list is only an overview of what you cannot put in a storage unit, for a comprehensive list of items you’re not allowed to store, contact us at Poseidon Moving & Storage. And while you’re at it, ask us for a FREE quote!

Not only we can provide you with thorough information about the proper use of a storage unit, but we can also provide you with the storage unit itself! Poseidon can provide you with all your moving and storage needs. With decades of experience and clientele from coast to coast, we are confident to offer you a top-notch service you’ll be happy with!

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5 Things to Explore Before Moving to Seattle

Seattle, Your New Chapter in Life

Are you thinking about moving to Seattle? Well, you’re certainly not alone! The Emerald City is well known for its evergreen forests, incredible restaurants and young cosmopolitan vibe. A backdrop for hit movies such as Twilight and Sleepless in Seattle, this thriving northern city attracts many young entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals and coffee loves, and could well be the right place for you to call home next. Whether you’re moving for a new job, to be closer to nature, or to explore a new exciting American city, at Poseidon Moving, we can help make your move easy, simple, and stress-free.

Here are 5 reasons why moving to Seattle is a fantastic idea!

1: Seattle Restaurants & Sushi

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, Seattle restaurants will leave you pining for more. Serving up sushi on par with Japan, if you enjoy spicy tuna, lobster rolls and bento boxes, Seattle is going to make your life more delicious. From experimental sushi combinations to fresh sashimi bites, this city has some of the best sushi restaurants in the whole of the US. If you prefer a taste of Korea, or culinary creations such as Early Grey ice cream, Seattle restaurants certainly won’t disappoint. If you do make the move to Seattle, we seriously challenge to you try and taste your way through the city.

2: Seattle’s Quirky Coffee Culture

If you’re planning on moving to Seattle, you might already know that this city is where Starbucks was founded. But what you might not be aware of is, that Seattle is home to a buzzing and dynamic coffee culture. Bringing the world Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, this tech epicenter demands a good cup of coffee in the morning. If you work online, or remotely, you’ll have plenty of quirky places to grab an Americano and catch up on emails. Or if you’re a bit of a caffeine connoisseur, moving to Seattle will help you to take your coffee love to the next level. Enjoy the Starbucks Reserve Roaster, try a golden milk latte at dog-friendly Makeda and Mingus or go off the grid at Preserve and Gather, a coffee shop designed to promote the art of conversation.

3: Bring Your Pup To Seattle

Moving to Seattle with your canine companion is a seriously good move! Seattle is a huge dog friendly city and there are plenty of off-leash dog parks for you and your pup to enjoy. Explore Washing Park Arboretum, grab a coffee and a dog treat at Bark Espresso, or why not burn off some energy at House Of Ruff, an indoor canine club. You’ll be able to make friends easier than ever in your new city, as you take in local sights and tourist attractions with your pup in tow.

4. Explore Seattle’s Outdoors

Yes, you’ll likely need to invest in a good umbrella and perhaps a pair of walking boots when moving to Seattle, but with mountains, rainforest, farmland and the ocean on your doorstep, it’s well worth some rainy days. If you’re looking to get back to nature and explore the great outdoors, the Emerald City is the place to be. Whether you enjoy hiking and camping, canoeing or sailing, or romantic walks in the rain, breathe in the fresh air of Seattle’s wilderness and unlock the adventurer inside you. Plus, Seattle is actually one of the best cities for whale watching. The San Juan Islands are home to orcas, so if whale watching is on your bucket list, it’s time to make the move to Seattle.

Affordable Cross Country Moving

If the natural landscape and vibrant cosmopolitan city are calling your name, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s actually easier than ever to move to Seattle. Our professional and reliable moving team are here to offer you support, guidance and assistance when moving to Seattle. Taking all the hard work out of moving city, we offer moving and storage services for your interstate move. With over two decades of experience in the moving and relocating industry, we take pride in offering a customer-first service. So, if you’re ready to move to the Emerald City and enjoy Seattle’s restaurant scene, vibrant coffee culture and get back to nature with your pup, start your new chapter by contacting our moving team now at Poseidon Moving. Affordable, reliable and stress-free moving, at your service.

Request a quote online for moving to Seattle.

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