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Important Things to Know When Moving from New Hampshire to Vermont

The natural beauty of Vermont continuously attracts many tourists to come here. But some people who are aware of the state’s beauty beyond its visual features know that moving here is worth it. If you’re considering moving from New Hampshire to Vermont, you probably choose that place because you know what it has to offer as a neighbor. However, if you still want to know more, then this article is for you. In this article, we listed the pros and cons associated with moving to Vermont. Here, you can compare the difference between these two beautiful states. We also want to take this chance to remind you of the importance of hiring the best interstate moving company when moving from New Hampshire to Vermont. Moving cross country involves a lot of work, mostly physical, and to make it easier for you, you can get help from the experts.

New Hampshire to Vermont Moving Services

Poseidon Moving stands is the #1 choice when it comes to moving interstate, dedicated to facilitating your move from New Hampshire to Vermont. We understand that crossing state lines can prove quite daunting – involving tasks ranging from meticulous planning and packing to the disassembly/assembly of furniture, delicate item wrapping, and safeguarding your cargo within the the truck for secure transport to your new destination. The extensive scope of this process demands significant effort and attention. Whether it’s a residential or commercial  move, we can handle it all! As one of the best cross-country movers, you can assure a high-quality service from professionals who were trained to handle all your belongings with care and efficiency. Here at Poseidon Moving & Storage, we go all-out to offer our clients the most comprehensive services that will make your moving experience a breeze.

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Pros of Moving from New Hampshire to Vermont

✓ Well-Developed Transportation

If you find yourself living in or near Rutland, then you can enjoy the fact that you’ll have access to the Amtrak train that runs directly into New York City. Two national highways connect through the city. You may experience some traffic in Burlington, but they’re not as bad as most major cities in the country.

✓ Health and Fitness

Vermont consistently takes the top spot for being the healthiest state in the US. This means that living here, you’ll have more opportunities to focus on your health and be motivate and consistent with having a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to the year-round outdoor activities you can do in the state, staying active is so easy.

✓ Beautiful Landscape

One of the best things about moving from NH to Vermont is that you’ll still get the same beauty you enjoyed living in The Granite State. The rolling hills, small towns, woodland, and miles and miles of pristine natural beauty will truly take your breath away.

✓ Simple Life

If you want to keep living a simple life, Vermont is a great place to be. The state is proud of its ability to preserve its traditional New England charm. No matter where you go in the state, you will not see any billboards. Vermont is one of the four states that banned billboards to promote its natural beauty.

Cons of Moving from New Hampshire to Vermont

✗ Freezing Winter

Unfortunately, moving from New Hampshire to Vermont would not take you away from freezing winter. The snow in Vermont gets so bad that there are winters you will find yourself having to shovel your roofs to prevent them from freezing or caving in under the weight.

✗ Mud Season

Think winters in Vermont are bad? Mud season is worse! When spring comes and melting begins, the soil becomes very warm. This cycle produces so much mud in many places in the state. So, when shopping for a house, try to find one that has a mudroom!

✗ Lack of Job Opportunities

A lot of residents get frustrated with the lack of job opportunities found in the state. And with all the “real Vermonters” resistant to change and new development, changing this situation can be a challenge. Remember that they didn’t even have a Walmart until 1995 – they were the last state to have one.

✗ Lack of Diversity

Living in Vermont will not expose you to much cultural diversity. According to WalletHub, the state is one of the top states with the least cultural diversity, taking the 48th spot. So, living here, it might be a challenge for you to find restaurants serving international cuisines.

Let's Get Moving from New Hampshire to Vermont

Being on this page signifies you’ve already taken the initial steps in planning your relocation from NH to VT – fantastic! Now, let’s talk about the next step! Explore our budget-friendly flat rates and discover moving services tailored to your needs. Request your quote through our user-friendly online two-step calculator to compare costs for your upcoming move. If you prefer a more personalized interaction, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated moving team of account managers. Call us at (866)-565-1516 to learn more about our services and deals available!


What is the cheapest way to move from New Hampshire to Vermont?

The cheapest way to move from New Hampshire to Vermont is to find a reputable company that has frequent trips between your origin and destination. If you don’t mind consolidating your move you may get a better deal.

How should I pack for a long-distance move?

Make sure to create your own inventory list and mark all of the boxes. Pack fragile items with extra padding such as paper or bubble. Prioritize the items that you may need to keep with you.

How much should my move from New Hampshire to Vermont cost?

An average long-distance move can cost between $2,400-$5,000. Your cost will vary depending on the volume and the service you request for.

How long would it take for my New Hampshire to Vermont movers to deliver my stuff?

Your delivery time window will be communicated to you by our account manager before your confirmation. Your cost can be lower if you have flexibility with your pick-up and delivery dates.

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