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Chaos in Boston on September 1st

Stress is Inevitable

Every year, Boston finds itself facing a whirl of madness and frustration due to the chaos brought about by people moving on September 1st. The areas of Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge normally experience painstakingly dreadful days on this date.

With that in mind, you can use this guide if you’re one of those people who are moving to Boston on September 1st.

What Is The Moving Day in Boston?

Moving Day in Boston refers to a period, beginning September 1st when the leases on moat apartments and other rentals comes to end. This is also the day when you’ll see an influx of students coming in after Labor Day as they move into the city for the new semester. On this day, expect to see thousands of people navigating the winding roads of Boston as well as moving trucks loading and unloading people’s belongings.

How Can You Make the Moving Day Experience a Good One?

Just like moving to any other place and any other day, moving locally in Boston or driving a truck to Boston from another state on September 1st can be a challenge, especially since you’re doing it together with thousands of other people. However, by following the tips below, we can assure you that you can make your intrastate or interstate moving experience less awful and more exciting.

Plan as Early as Possible

The earlier you plan for your move, the better it is going to be for you. Because September 1st is a very popular day to move, moving companies get booked put several months earlier. So, if you’re planning to use Poseidon Moving Company, make sure to book a spot as soon as possible in order to secure a reservation. Not only it’s likely to be difficult to find a company to help you last minute, but they also usually come at a high price if you do it closer to the date.

Pack Smartly and Early

Getting your stuff packed and ready to go earlier before the moving day will make things so much easier for you. Box up your stuff and have them ready to be loaded into the moving truck. Make sure to pack fragile stuff like appliances securely.

Get Your Move-In Time Accurately

It’s important to double-check the actual time you are allowed to move into your new place before you book movers. Sometimes, move-in time might be different from the actual move-out time of the previous tenant. So, make sure to communicate with your landlord to avoid unnecessary delays and worse, expenses.

Reserve a Storage Space

If there is a day or two in between the move-out and move-in times, making a storage reservation might be necessary. Call us at Poseidon Moving Company to inquire about your storage option. We offer different storage options that are suitable for everyone’s needs.

Plan Your Parking

One of the most annoying things about living in Boston is probably the parking. This is never fun, especially if you need a parking space for a giant moving truck. You may call your new landlord for a recommendation or pre-book a parking permit for a space nearby your new place. Finding a parking spot in Boston may consume a lot of your time, so prepare for it.

Moving on September 1st can be an extremely challenging experience for many. Getting help from the professionals from Poseidon Moving Company will make it a much easier and less stressful moving experience. So, call us today at 617-470- 9950 and get your plans put on the schedule!

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Most Popular Moving Destinations in the United States

Best Places to Move to in the USA

Because of the shifting economy, there has been a growing desire for many Americans to relocate to a new place that will cater to their specific needs. In 2021 alone, more than 1 in 10 Americans moved in the first quarter of the year. According to USPS there have been 35 million address changes last year. So, it’s not surprising that US migration trends have continued to change.

But do you wonder where Americans are moving to? Here are the top 10 most popular moving destinations in the United States according to Penske’s report.

1. Houston, Texas

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

3. Phoenix, Arizona

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

5. Denver, Colorado

6. San Antonio, Texas

7. Dallas, Texas

8. Orlando, Florida

9. Austin, Texas

10. Chicago, Illinois

Where are people moving from?

If you’re wondering about the most popular moving destinations in the United States, then you’re also probably curious about which cities have the highest move-out rates.

Based on statistics, California is home to cities with the highest exodus of residents in the past recent years. The higher cost of living, the soaring housing market, state taxes, and even natural disasters all play a part in why more and more people are deciding to leave the state.

Along with California, New York State also experiences a loss of residents, mainly for the same reason of the costs of living here are becoming more difficult for people to afford.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Move

Moving is a tough decision for many, and it’s even tougher for some to choose a place to move to. But for many homebuyers, here are some things to consider when choosing a place to move.


Are you looking for a place that gives you sunshine all year round or a place that offers all four seasons?

Cost of Living

How much are you willing to pay? It’s important to look not just at house prices, you must also consider the local tax, and the costs of living expenses, including groceries, utilities, and transportation.


When planning for your move, one of the many things people think about is how to make new connections to the place they are moving to. See if the place you are moving to offers communities or groups that have to do with your interests.

Distance to Points of Interests

How far is the place to work, schools, entertainment, and public establishments you want to get near?

Crime Rates

No one wants to live in a high-crime area. And while crimes are everywhere, some places are simply safer than others. This means lower cases of theft and assaults.

Planning your move?

If you made up your mind and moving is in your upcoming plans, let Poseidon Moving Company help you. With decades of experience, we are going to help you make your move easier. From packing to loading to transporting and unloading, we are going to be with you every step of the way. Call us today at 617-470-9950 to speak to one of our friendly representatives to get your free quote!

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What to Expect on Moving Day

Your Moving Checklist For the Big Day

The truth is, the moving day can be an extremely daunting task for anyone. However, with proper planning and good organization, you can easily survive this ordeal unscathed and ready to enjoy your new life in a new place in a new town.

Below are what to expect on moving day and how you can prepare yourself for it. By preparing early on, you can avoid chaos and lessen the stress during the big day,

Prepare for Long Day

Expect days of less sleep a couple of days before the moving day. You’ll have to wake up early to check everything is alright at the last minute. This means you’ll need enough energy to get you through the whole experience. So, days before the big day, try to get some sleep to prepare yourself not only physically, but more importantly, mentally.

Wake Up Early

It doesn’t matter whether or not you hired a reliable moving company to help you move. Expect that you’ll be joining the move – so, dress appropriately. You may want to wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely and lift things you may need to.

Communicate to Your Movers

You can plan all you want, but unexpected things may happen. So, if you’re using a moving company, make sure to check with them a day before the move the estimated time of their arrival from your location to the new location. It’s also important to figure out how you can get to your new location on the moving day – what are the best routes to take for local moving, or if you are flying for interstate move, make sure to keep track of your flight to see if there will be delays.

Moving Nightmare

It’s true that some things that may happen on the day of the move are out of our control. However, planning at least two months early before the move can give you a better sense of how the day will pan out. You can break down the needs to be done to make the move successful and less stressful.

You can make a list as soon as you start planning the move. After making your list, you go through it every time you get the chance to make sure you’re not forgetting or overdoing something.

What to Expect From Professional Movers?

On your moving day, movers will arrive on time and greet you with a friendly attitude. They will go over the moving plan and inventory to ensure everything is accounted for. The movers will then carefully pack, wrap and load your belongings, taking precautions to protect them during transportation by securing your shipment with heavy duty straps.

Throughout the day, they will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have. They will efficiently handle furniture disassembly at your origin address and reassembly at your destination address. The movers will coordinate with you throughout the process to ensure you’re not overwhelmed or stressed out. Before they leave, there will be a final walk-through and inventory check to ensure everything is in order and your furniture arranged to your preference.

After completing the furniture placement according to your preferences, the movers will take care of removing any used packing materials, such as boxes, tape, and shrink wrap. They’ll ensure that the truck is emptied and double-check that nothing is left behind. With all tasks completed and your belongings safely settled, you can wish farewell to the moving crew, knowing that your moving day has been successfully accomplished.

Expert Moving Company at Your Service

While the moving day involves hard work, you can turn it into an adventure if you want to. After all, moving to another home is a step towards a new chapter in your life – and we want it to be something very memorable for you.

Poseidon Moving Company will make sure that everything will fall into place on moving day. From packing to loading to transporting and unloading, we will be with you every step of the way. We’ve helped thousands of transplants move their life to their new homes, and we can help you too. The moment we face you on the day of your move, what you can expect is for us to maximize your moving experience. We will take care of your belongings as if it is ours.

If you are looking for a reliable moving company that will not let you down on the day of your move, Poseidon Moving Company will be your best option. Whether it’s within the same state or cross-country, we can assure you that we will provide you with the best service you need for a stress-free moving experience. Request a quote today using our calculator or call us today at 866-565-1516 and speak to one of our friendly representatives!

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Moving Costs Cross Country

Understanding Moving Costs Cross Country

Moving across the country? The first question on your mind is likely, “How much will this cost?” It’s a valid concern – unexpected expenses can add unnecessary stress to the moving process. At Poseidon Moving Company, we’ve developed a moving cost calculator to give you a rough estimate of your potential expenses. But before we dive into specific costs, let’s address some general cost-related questions you might have.

What Influences Your Moving Costs?

No two moves are the same, so pinning down a precise cost can be challenging. It varies based on individual circumstances, the volume of items, and the distance between your old and new home. For a rough idea, Forbes cites that the national average for a 2-person household moving under 100 miles is around $1,400, with long-distance moves averaging between $2,200 and $5,700.

Average Cost of Moving Cross Country

Choosing professional movers for a long-distance move can significantly ease the process. Their expertise ensures a more streamlined, stress-free experience. Depending on your chosen services, you might not even have to worry about packing, loading, or unloading. For interstate moves, the average cost hovers around $5,000, but this can vary based on several factors.

Key Factors Affecting Moving Expenses

Each move is unique due to various factors:

● Distance and travel fees
● Inventory volume and weight
● Range of moving services
● Seasonal and peak time rates
● Insurance and valuation coverage
● Accessibility and special requirements
● Packing and storage services
● Flexibility in moving dates
● Reputation and experience of the moving company
● Geographical locations and logistics

Consider the size of the transport vehicle, the labor involved, travel distance, and any additional supplies or equipment needed. Also, the time of year and your move’s location can impact the final cost.

Calculating Long-Distance Moving Costs

Long-distance moving costs typically involve a formula considering the travel distance and the total weight of your belongings. The destination state and any additional services like packing are also factored in.

Anticipate These Additional Moving Expenses

Beyond just transporting your items, other expenses can accumulate:

● Hoisting fees
● Charges for oversized items
● Moving supplies
● Special equipment needs
● Long carry charges
● Stair fees

Being prepared for these potential costs can make your move less stressful.

Utilize Our Moving Cost Calculator

To avoid surprises, use Poseidon Moving Company’s moving cost calculator for a more accurate estimate of your moving expenses. For personalized assistance, call us at 866-565-1617 to speak with our representatives for free quotes. Planning ahead with accurate cost estimations can significantly reduce the stress of your move.

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How to Save The Money on Your Move

Cut Moving Costs

Let’s face it – moving to a new home can be pretty expensive. That’s why saving as much money as you can means a lot to many. A lot of times, a big part of the whole budget goes to paying a moving company to make the move possible. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on your move – check them out.

Plan Your Budget

Make a cost analysis on your move in order for you to have a better estimation of how much you would potentially spend on your move. In making your cost analysis, it’s important to consider the distance of your move.

Declutter Before Moving

The most stuff you bring, the higher the cost you need to pay to a moving company. So, if you want to save the most money on your move, just bring the things that you want to bring.

Bringing big stuff that you know you won’t end up using in the next house, you’re just wasting the space that you have and also wasting money.

Move During Off-Season

Yes, you’ve read that right – there’s a better time to move in order for you to save money. You’re more likely to save on a move during the colder months, specifically the late September to April window. Demand for movers usually slows down during this time of the year and rates are lower.

Choose the Right Moving Company

When choosing a moving company, you better choose one that offers transparency. Unexpected fees that may show up at the end of the service can be extremely off-putting and knee-weakening.

Poseidon Moving Company is all about transparency. We make sure that there will be no surprise expenses. You can call us for an initial estimate or use our calculator. Depending on your location, we can also perform an on-site estimate to provide you with a more accurate number and give you an idea of how much you’d totally spend on your move. Call us at 617-470- 9950 to get your free quote today!

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Essential Tips Before Moving Away to College

Moving to College Checklist

Moving to college is absolutely one of the most exciting experiences many youths are looking forward to. However, the positive feelings that come with it can be hampered by all the physical requirements involved in the moving process.

That’s why planning is very important.

To make the experience more fun than hectic and chaotic, learn what you need to know and do before moving away to college.

While it might be easy to think that all you need to know are the whens and hows of the move, it can be easy to lose track of other important things. So, make sure to make a list. Below are the important things you’ll have to deal with before moving to college.

Deal with College Paperwork

When moving to a dorm or a residence hall, expect to have to deal with a fair amount of paperwork. That’s why starting with it early is a good idea as it can be a real pain when you have to crunch time just to meet the deadline.

Some of the most important paperwork includes the following:

● Medical forms like vaccination records and insurance

● Major declaration forms

● Birth Certificate

● Enrollment in first semester classes

● Visa and passport (for international students)

Don’t forget to make your own copy of each document.

Get In Touch with Your Roommate

One of the first things to do before the move is to get in touch with your new roommate. Not only connecting with them early can give you instant rapport, but it will also help you coordinate regarding anything dorm-related.

Packing Your Stuff

Packing for college is not as painful as moving to another house as a family. This is specifically true if you’re not planning to bring a lot of stuff to your new dorm. After all, you may not want to bring too much excess, otherwise, you might not have a happy roommate with all your clutter.

However, you might still need help bringing some of your belongings to your new dorm. Getting help from the professionals of Poseidon Moving Company will make the job so much easier.

Find Professional Movers

Moving away to college is an extremely fun experience. However, between bean bags, refrigerators, microwaves, TVs, and all your clothes, stuffing all your stuff into one car can be truly difficult.

So, if you don’t want to make multiple trips back and forth home and your new dorm, let the expert movers of Poseidon Moving Company do the job for you.

Our professional movers have the knowledge and expertise to carefully pack and move your belongings to your new dorm, just so you can focus on other important things involved in moving. You can assure that we will treat your belongings as if they were our own and ensure their safety.

It doesn’t matter how far or close your campus is from your home. We at Poseidon will work with you to make sure you’ll have your stuff in your dorm to make your life in your new dwelling fun and comfortable. Call us at 617-470- 9950 to get your free quote today!

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Important Things to Know Before Moving to Ohio

Moving to Ohio Checklist

Ready to move to Ohio?

Whether you’ve scored an irresistible job offer in Ohio or you want to settle down where you’ll be closer to your family, there are important things you must take into consideration before you do this big transition.

Moving, in general, can be a taxing job. However, preparing yourself and being organized as much as possible can make the job easier. Here are important things you need to do before moving to Ohio.

1. Forward Your Mail

Since you’re moving to Ohio permanently, it’s important that you sign up with USPS’s mail forwarding service. This way, you can make sure that you get your important mail. This mail forwarding service will make your mail be redirected to the right address for a certain period of time. It’s also time to change your mailing address to companies that send paper bills to your old address like the bank, credit card, and insurance companies.

2. Notify Your Friends and Family

While you’ve probably hosted a housewarming party for people close to you, there will still be many who are not aware of your move. So, it’s important to inform others – just in case they randomly show up at your address looking for you or send you a mail or package.

3. Sell or Donate the Items You Won’t Need

Moving to Ohio from a different state gives you an opportunity to start fresh. So, it’s also a good opportunity to let go of things you no longer need when you move. Get rid of the things that you want to let go by selling or donating them to a charity organization.

4. Switch Utilities and Cancel Subscriptions

Make sure to contact your current service utility providers to get your lines disconnected. This includes cable, internet, and even newspaper. You don’t want to get charged continuously even after you move. You may arrange for the energy, gas, and water bill with the new owner to make sure their services are continuous.

5. Popular Destinations for Moving in Ohio

Columbus – The Thriving Capital:

  • Columbus, Ohio’s capital, is a top choice for many newcomers due to its booming job market and diverse cultural scene. Home to prestigious universities and major corporations, the city offers numerous career opportunities.
  • With a vibrant arts community, excellent schools, and a range of recreational activities, Columbus is a great place to raise a family. The city’s affordability compared to some other major metros also makes it an attractive option.

Cleveland – Rich in History and Culture:

  • Cleveland, known for its rich industrial history, has evolved into a hub of culture and innovation. The city boasts world-class healthcare institutions, leading research centers, and renowned cultural venues.
  • The cost of living in Cleveland is relatively lower than in many major cities, making it an appealing destination. With a beautiful lakeside location and a passionate sports culture, Cleveland offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

Cincinnati – A Blend of Tradition and Progress:

  • Cincinnati, often referred to as the “Queen City,” combines a deep sense of tradition with a thriving modern economy. The city’s diverse neighborhoods offer something for everyone.
  • Known for its strong job market, educational institutions, and scenic beauty along the Ohio River, Cincinnati attracts professionals and families alike. Its affordable housing and welcoming communities make it a sought-after destination.

Ohio welcomes you with its diverse cities, each offering unique attractions and opportunities. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant culture of Columbus, the rich history of Cleveland, or the charm of Cincinnati, Ohio has something for everyone. Make your move a success with Poseidon Moving Company, your trusted partner in relocation.

6. Find a Reliable Moving Company

You will need to hire a reliable moving company for your move to Ohio. We at Poseidon Moving Company can help make your moving experience a lot easier. From packing to transporting to unloading, and even your storage needs, you can assure that we are here to make the job easier for you. Call us today at 617-470- 9950 to get your free quote!

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Top 6 Reasons For Moving From NYC to Florida

Things to Consider Before Moving to Florida

Florida has a lot to offer. That’s why it’s not surprising that The Sunshine State ranks as one of the top inbound states for many Americans who choose to move. But the question is – is living in Florida better than New York?

This is a question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Whether one is a good place to live than the other generally depends on your needs, wants, and preference.

Two states are completely different from each other that’s why comparing two is not fair. However, no one can deny that there are many benefits to moving from NY to Florida. Let’s talk about that. Here are 10 benefits of moving from NY to Florida.

1. Lower Cost of Living

One of the top reasons why moving to Florida from New York – especially if you are from New York City – is that Florida is dramatically more affordable. While the overall cost of living in Florida is slightly higher than the US average of 100 with a total of 102.8, the cost of living in New York is 120.5. And much more if you live in New York City where the average cost of living is 187.2.

2. Zero Income State Tax

Moving from New York to Florida means leaving your income state tax responsibilities behind. This is one of the top reasons why more and more people choose to move to the state. New York’s state income tax bracket starts from 4% to 10.9%, depending on your income.

3. Affordable Housing Market

Buying a home in Florida is less tricky than buying a home in New York (particularly in NYC). In New York State, the average home price is $371,880, while in NYC, it is $746,354. On the other hand, the typical price of a home in Florida is $356,349.

4. Warmer Climate All Year Around

Any list talking about living in Florida is not complete without talking about its weather. It’s called “The Sunshine State” for a reason – it enjoys warm and sunny days more of the year. While the extreme heat and humidity may bother you some days, you’d always choose this over the long, cold winter of New York.

5. Vacation Lifestyle

Where you choose to live inland, living in Florida means you’ll always live closer to beautiful beaches. As a resident of the Sunshine State, you’ll have easy access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

6. Best Place to Retire

Moving from New York to Florida means you might be moving to your forever home. With its perfect weather, incredible healthcare, and many financial benefits, it might be hard for you to find a better place after moving here.

Popular Destinations for Moving from NYC to Florida

Jacksonville – The River City:

  • Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida by land area, is known for its picturesque waterfronts and a thriving arts and culture scene. With a lower cost of living compared to NYC, it’s an attractive option for families and professionals.
  • The city offers a blend of Southern charm and modern amenities, making it a welcoming place for newcomers. Jacksonville’s beautiful beaches, historic neighborhoods, and vibrant economy make it a top choice for relocation.

Miami – The Magic City:

  • Miami, with its vibrant culture and international flair, has long been a popular destination for New Yorkers seeking a change of scenery. The city’s dynamic nightlife, beautiful beaches, and diverse culinary scene are major draws.
  • Miami’s job market, particularly in fields like finance and healthcare, is strong. The city’s multicultural atmosphere and tropical climate make it a unique and exciting place to call home.

Tampa – The Gulf Coast Gem:

  • Tampa, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, offers a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty. It’s known for its friendly communities and family-friendly environment.
  • The city boasts a strong job market, especially in healthcare, finance, and technology sectors. With its pleasant climate and proximity to stunning beaches, Tampa provides an ideal balance between work and leisure.

Orlando – The Theme Park Capital:

  • Orlando, famous for its world-renowned theme parks, is a magnet for families. Beyond the attractions, the city offers a growing job market and a thriving arts and culture scene.
  • Its affordable housing market and family-friendly neighborhoods make it a preferred destination for those looking to escape the high costs of NYC while enjoying a high quality of life.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Move:

    1. Plan Ahead: Start planning your move well in advance to ensure a seamless transition.
    1. Choose the Right Neighborhood: Research neighborhoods in your chosen Florida city to find the best fit for your lifestyle.
    1. Budget Wisely: Consider the cost of living differences and adjust your budget accordingly.
    1. Weather Preparation: Get ready for Florida’s climate, including hot summers and the occasional hurricane season.
    1. Hire Professional Movers: Trust Poseidon Moving Company for a reliable and stress-free relocation experience.

Florida offers a variety of destinations for those leaving the Big Apple for the Sunshine State. Whether you’re drawn to Jacksonville’s riverside charm, Miami’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, Tampa’s coastal beauty, or Orlando’s family-friendly atmosphere, Florida welcomes you with open arms.

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Car Transportation Across Country

Things to Know About Car Transportation Services

Moving to a different location and need your car to be transported? It’s normal to feel worried about this circumstance as this is probably something you haven’t dealt with before. But you have to know that you can get the right people to help you get the job done and completely evade the nightmare you’re trying to avoid.

Your Reliable Options for Car Transportation

There are several ways to go about car transport if the need presents itself. Understanding each type of service and the differences between them makes it easier for you to find the best one. This can also help make your future moving activities easier. Let’s talk about the top three most common options available for you.


Some people just do the job themselves. However, this option can be quite risky, especially if you’re untrained in such operations. This process usually involves renting a trailer.

Open Carrier

Open carrier transport is probably the most common option. On top of being widely chosen, open carrier transport is also the cheapest mode of transporting automobiles. Basically, your car will be transported on haulers — like the ones that are used to deliver new cars.

Enclosed Trailer Transport

The second method of transporting your car is via enclosed trailer transport. Compared to the first two options, the enclosed trailer option can be more expensive. However, this is the safest option and you’ll get more advantages with this corresponding high cost.

As you can see, the easier and smartest way to transport your car is via enclosed trailer transport. And the good news is that it’s not hard to find a reliable car transport company to take care of the job for you.

Poseidon Moving Company is your partner when it comes to moving, whether it is cross-country or overseas. The company utilizes trained staff to load and unload your vehicle safely to any location. They are insured and can handle these large investments, giving you peace of mind that your belonging can make it to where it needs to be.

Poseidon Moving Company will pick up your vehicle from the designated location and deliver it to its final destination safely and soundly.

To learn more about how Poseidon Moving can help you with your car transportation options, call us today at 617-470- 9950 or contact us by requesting an online free quote.

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Moving to Canada From U.S.

Tips for Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada from the U.S shouldn’t be a hard decision for an American citizen. For most Americans, it only feels as if simply moving down the street. That’s why in recent years, there has been an ever-growing effort for Americans to be on the other side of the border.

And while the culture adjustment is the last thing American movers have to worry about, the process itself is a different story. And yes, moving to Canada from the U.S. – just like moving from anywhere in the world – can be tricky, but it’s absolutely doable.

What is the easiest way to move to Canada from the U.S.?

The easiest way to move to Canada (if you qualify): Express Entry

The application for Express Entry is entirely done online. The process itself, however, usually takes about six months. Other immigration methods take pretty much longer, so if you want to move as soon as possible, this is your best bet. The cost of this process is between $1,500 and $2,000, which includes the processing fee, right of permanent residence fee, and biometrics fee.

Express Entry is open to skilled foreign applicants, usually younger, who have taken one of the following official language tests in either English or French:

· International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
· Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
· French Certification Exam, or Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF)

The application will assess you on a scale of points that go up to 1,200. The Canadian government chooses individuals based on their skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy.

Express Entry manages applications for 3 immigration programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experience Class

If you’re eligible for one of the above programs, you can also apply through Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program. Being nominated will give you extra points that will get you invited to apply quickly. Learn more about this program by visiting the official page.

Canada to US Movers

The application for the right immigration program, collecting of documents, and filling up mountains of paperwork can be a real headache altogether. However, the physical move to Canada from the U.S. shouldn’t be as challenging since you can pretty much drive across with all your belongings.

But if you want to make it even easier, you can hire a reliable moving company to do most of the work for you. This is where Poseidon Moving Company comes into play.

Why Choose Poseidon Moving?

We follow the laws pertaining to trucking laws that apply to both Canada and the United States. We follow the rules of these regulatory entities:

* The National Safety Code;
* The Transport Canada Acts and Regulations;
* The Workers’ Compensation Board of Canada, and
* Local business licensing regulations.

We can guarantee that team of licensed and dedicated movers will handle the moving for you. We prioritize your and your properties’ safety, and make sure to adhere to regulations to follow implemented laws of all territories covered.

We carry the qualities that can attest to the professionalism and reliability every moving company should have. To learn more about us, our services, and how we can help with your move to Canada from the U.S., contact us today by calling 617-470- 9950 or sending an email to [email protected].

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